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10 Best Vampire Victims in Film

A superhero is nothing without an archnemesis.  Likewise each detective needs a crime.  For vampires, they remain pale-faced immortals without someone upon whom they feed–the Victim!  Behold a list of ten exemplary victims in vampire films.  Keep in mind the criteria here involves much more than a good bite.  That’d be a different list.  Here…

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Vampire-Con Film Festival is Back!

That’s right movie lovers, Vampire-Con Film Festival is returning for the third year! The film fest will take place at The New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles and is running for two nights. Two nights of classic fangtastic vampire flicks! Woo! Originally created to include ALL fans of vampires, Vampire-Con continues its tradition of showcasing…

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Vampire Book Review – Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris

It wasn’t hard to climb back into the Sookie Stackhouse universe, although, after the last book in the series (Dead in the Family) I was definitely a little wary. Dead in the Family was disappointing in a variety of ways; for one, it revealed very little in the way of a main plot, and for…

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Nicholas Cage Goes Bat-Shit Crazy in Vampire’s Kiss

Nicolas Cage has been getting a lot of attention lately from the movie studios, in the midst of so much vampire stuff, –it’s funny, for anyone who remembers ‘Vampire’s Kiss’, to see Nick Cage trying to compete with the vampire craze, when 20 years ago, he was starring in his own weirdass vampire movie. I…

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