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The Ultimate ‘Deadliest Warrior’ Matchup – Vampires VS Zombies

Deadliest Warrior is a show found over on the Spike network, and well, they’re really switching things up this season. The show is about which warriors are the deadliest (obviously) and what they do is take information on historical or modern warriors and their weapons, then they use the info to determine which of them…

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PollyGrind to Showcase Vampire vs. Zombie Film in May

PollyGrind is one of the biggest events for grindhouse and trash film lovers this year. PollyGrind will be presenting thirteen different grindhouse horror films during their film festival, from May 12 – 16 in Vegas at the Sci-Fi Center. The long name is the ‘Polly Staffle Grindhouse Fest’, –it’s the first one ever, and it’s…

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