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Light ‘em up!

Did Mary Clues receive a nocturnal visitation from the Devil or was her bizarre death an early case of Spontaneous Human Combustion? The Wick Effect took the starch out of Spontaneous Human Combustion for me. Whereas before documented cases of supposed SHC seriously creeped me out—the idea that a person can just burst into flame…

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The Anguished Man

Although you may have read that The Anguished Man, supposedly one of the world’s most haunted paintings, is for sale, apparently that’s not the case. Unfortunately, you’ll have to spend your nickels and dimes on another piece of possessed artwork. I think I smell a rat. And I mean that in the best possible way….

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Tutankhamen’s Magical Meteorite Medallion

Geologists have determined the scarab on King Tut’s brooch was made from meteor glass formed 28 million years ago in the Saharan Desert. My fascination with ancient Egypt goes back as far as my love of the Undead—which is to say it’s lifelong. I must have seen some documentary special on Egypt before I was…

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Dracula’s OTHER Hometown

Bram Stoker found inspiration for his famous Gothic villain in an unlikely place — a sunny seaside Yorkshire village. I just finished covering the upcoming Dracula tour happening in Romania this October ( and lamenting that I won’t be able to tag along. Might as well do a write-up of that OTHER tourist hotspot for…

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A Voyage to Draculaland

The Haunted Halloween Horror Vampire Vacation for travelers of all ages. This brings to mind that Matchbox 20 song, wherein the lead singer complains about the “real world” being such a hassle. I feel that way every day, and usually in regards to money. Right now, I’m lamenting my lack of sufficient funds to take…

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Here come the Men in Black . . . cloaks?

There’s no doubt in my mind that when it comes to the matter of the Men in Black, there is a direct connection between these menacing characters and a wealth of other supernatural phenomena. Okay, here’s a primer for those not already familiar with the supernatural theory of the Men in Black/UFO connection. (As opposed…

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A skeleton amidst the roots

After a violent storm ripped through the Irish town of Collooney, locals were shocked to discover the remains of a 1,000-year-old skeleton hanging from the roots of a fallen tree. It sounds like the beginning of a story written by H.P. Lovecraft or Robert E. Howard. A violent storm strafes the Irish countryside, uprooting a…

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The REAL reason DARK SHADOWS got cancelled

If you’re a fan of DARK SHADOWS—and all self-respecting vampire marks should be—you’ve been offered a myriad of reasons why the series, a pop culture phenomenon perhaps more beloved today than when it aired for six years in the late 60s and early 70s, came to an end. Why didn’t the show last? Why isn’t…

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Interview with Vasiliy Fet, Part Four

Okay, this is kinda turning into Vasiliy Fet week here at, but it was an HOUR-long interview, I wasn’t provided with a transcript this time, and I’ve got a lot of ground to cover. If you’re not a fan of Kevin’s or THE STRAIN—why are you even on this site? I mean, um, hang…

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Interview with Vasiliy Fet, Part Three

Kevin Durand of THE STRAIN comes from a theatre background and, though new to social media, said that he loves Twitter and the “instantaneous” reaction he gets from interacting with the fans because it reminds him of performing live on the stage. He constantly monitors fans’ comments, he said, even when he isn’t offering commentary…

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Interview with Vasiliy Fet, Part Two

So what was my question, when I got out of the queue and got to speak with actor Kevin Durand of THE STRAIN one on one? I went back to a favorite theme of mine, the psychological/sociological aspects of the vampire myth. Why, I asked him, did he think the vampire is so prevalent and…

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Interview with Vasiliy Fet, Part One

I had the extreme pleasure of taking part in an hour-long conference call with actor Kevin Durand, who plays the towering Ukrainian exterminator turned vampire killer Vasiliy Fet on THE STRAIN. Knowing I would not be provided with a transcript of the interview, my writing hand was aching by the end of the call from…

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