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Young Dracula “Fight or Flight”

Season Five, Episode One (and spoilers do follow) It is back. The British not-such-a-children’s show Young Dracula began its fifth season this week with “Fight or Flight” taking place months after the end of season four. As per usual, things have to some extent been reset. The situation of the series has undergone some definite…

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New Dracula Music Video

In a few weeks pop violinist Lindsey Stirling brings out a new album, which includes a piece inspired by and having to do with the new television series Dracula (debuting on NBC October 25). The sound matches the overall “look” of the program, with its vaguely steampunk sensibilities and soaring, gothic romanticism. Matching it of…

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Review: Kiss of the Butterfly

“I sense it even now. People thirst for it; the entire country is mad with desire for it…” A dying man’s cryptic letter catapults California college student Steven Roberts on a mystery-shrouded quest into the labyrinth of the war-torn Balkans. Singled out for the task by an enigmatic professor, Steven overcomes his doubts and plunges…

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