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Top 10 Vampire Stereotypes Explained

Thanks to today’s date – 10.10.10 – we’re bringing you a top 10 list, because really, what day is better than today? After thousands of years of history, the vampire has earned itself countless well-known legends and when you mix in the stereotypes created by the entertainment world you have even more.  Many folks have…

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Safety from Vampires!

It’s so reassuring to me that in legends, vampires cannot enter your home unless you invite them! That makes them almost safer than humans! Humans who bear you ill will can smash in through a window, charge through your wall with a chainsaw, and such. Vampires can’t touch you if you’re safe and cozy inside….

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OH No! Anything But Water!

Vampires hating water is a pretty common old myth. You’ve got loads of classic movies and books documenting vampires being stopped by water (the 1972 Dracula film and Dracula: Prince of Darkness to name a few). But was this idea created by modern authors and screen play writers? Nope, this has been around for ages….

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How to Kill or Defend Against Vampires

As long as there have been legends of vampires, there have been methods by which to either kill them, or protect oneself and family from them. Before there was Christianity, however, there was still legends of vampires; what then of the use of holy symbols and idols to stave off the visits of a hungry…

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