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New Horror Film ‘A Vampire’s Tale’ Coming Soon to DVD

There’s a brand new vampire film heading our way, A Vampire’s Tale, by Hellraiser director Doug Bradley. The flick originally showed at various horror film festivals, and now, it’s coming out on DVD December 4, 2012. Cowboys, sexy women and a revenge-filled plot all await you in this new movie. Check out the movie details…

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New Vampire Film: Umbrage

Writer and director Drew Cullingham has given us bloodthirsty fans another vampire flick to sink our fangs into, Umbrage. This new indie film stars Doug Bradley (Hellraiser, Nightbreed), Jonnie Hurn (The Zombie Diaries), Rita Ramnani, Natalie Celino, Grace Vallorani, James Fisher and Scott Thomas “A hundred years later an ancient obsidian mirror, long unearthed from…

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Near Dark

Back in 1987 two vampire movies hit theaters. The first being Lost Boys, a movie that became a instant cult hit and the second, Near Dark, which didn’t even get half the love. While it did poorly at the time of it’s release, over time it has developed a substantial and devoted fan base. Near…

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