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The Truth About Real Vampires Today

Fanged creatures secretly prowl among us, lurking in obsidian shadows, quietly watching us from behind dark sunglasses, their narrowed gazes fixed upon luscious prey. The vampire’s excruciatingly sharp needle-like fangs flash under the moonlight as he grabs his victim, one hand over her mouth, the other tightly wound around her waist. He strikes deep and…

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Interview with An Ex-Vampire: Part 1

The first four videos are fairly disturbing, and some of the most disturbing parts are added at the beginning of the third tape/hour/DVD. Honestly, this looks more like a videotape. But the first tape covers mostly all of Bill Schnoebel’s bullshit regarding his insertion into this Wiccan/Witchcraft/channeling lifestyle. He apparently went around, and this is…

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Bill Schnoebel’s Interview with an Ex Vampire

How does one become an ex-vampire exactly? That and more will be revealed in the film that had plans to shake the nation: Interview with an Ex Vampire. The ex-vampire in question here is Bill Schnoebelen, –and when you type his name into Google, it tries to finish it for you by adding the word…

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