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New Feminist Dracula

Many and varied are the stage adaptations of Bram Stoker‘s famous novel. Most famous of course is the Balderston-Deane version that brought stardom to Bela Lugosi, Ted Miller’s Count Dracula, the Frank Wildhorn musical (perhaps most famously done in Japan with a female Count), even Orson Wells’ radio adaptation. Theatre 68 (which produces works for…

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Are Vampire Stories Sexist?

Consider the scene most expected in almost any vampire film. A supposedly virginal young woman opens her eyes in the middle of the night. She gets up, her translucent gown billowing slightly as she moves in the moonlight. Then she opens the window before returning to the bed, lying down in expectant terror. A fully…

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Unique Vampire Gifts

The art of being a vampire is very mysterious. I mean come on, think about it; there’s a myth surrounded around being bitten by a man with fangs that drinks blood and cannot be seen in the light of day … that’s just freaky. What can be even freakier, you ask? May I present to…

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