Tanit Phoenix Talks About Her Role in Lost Boys: The Thirst

Well, one good thing about the gradual destruction of the memory of the brilliance that was ‘The Lost Boys’, is that they keep hiring the hottest chicks for leading roles. Tanit Phoenix is lined up to play Gwen Lieber, a fairly ironic role. Gwen Lieber is a wealthy vampire-romance author, who ends up in dire straits. As clever as that might sound, it’s disturbing to note that a sequel to one of the greatest vampire movies of all time, has been reduced to spoofing other vampire films. Oh, the shame! Tanit Phoenix, a seasoned scream queen, is looking forward to her new role, despite only getting a chance to wear skimpy bikinis. Oh… darn.

Check out her comments on her new role, from Bloody-Disgusting.com:

“The boys over at Moviehole landed an exclusive interview with South African model Tanit Phoenix who chatted about her roles in Death Race 2: Frankenstein Lives and Warner Premiere’s Lost Boys: The Thirst. “What I found very interesting about the Lost Boys script was that it showcases vampires how they really are, blood-sucking and evil, which somewhat dances around the fact that Twilight made their vampires seem beautiful, but they really are not.” In the DTV sequel she plays Gwen Lieber, a wealthy vampire-romance novelist who gets a little dirtied up. “I wanted to play a bad girl, and I finally got my chance, [but] the most physical I got was getting into skimpy outfits.” At least we have that to look forward to. Watch the trailer that debuted online this past week by clicking here. Click the link above or below for talk on Death Race 2.”
I got excited when I started watching the sequel, then I noticed I was actually watching a preview for Splice. Once I heard Corey Feldman’s bizarre, post-pubescent voice, I started getting a bit more into the groove though, and was slightly chagrined, –maybe, just maybe, this movie won’t be made of epic failure! And besides, at the very least, it is a vampire movie, after all. And while not all vampire movies are good, they still keep our particular genre alive, –or at the very least, undead. We’ll review it as soon as we can, and let you know how much it sucks.

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  3. In all honesty, and taken from the words of Charlize Theron, an Oscar winning actress from South Africa, ‘ I would have taken any role just to work and get noticed.’

    So, if its an consolation to anyone reading the above article: being a South African and fighting to get noticed all the way from Africa is a damn lot harder than being in America and being spoon fed the opportunity to book those decent roles. Tanit has worked hard, and in between her acting work, she studied Metaphysics and Quantum Mechanics. I beg anyone to please show me any other actress who has her credentials and that ‘stands out’, all the way from a country so far removed from the states. You see, Tanit Phoenix not only keeps beating Americans to the roles she is offered, and I will bet you she feels the same way Charlize Theron did when she started out.. She will take any role to get noticed. Tanit is extremely talented, and it is only a matter of time that someone notices her and offers her that very role that will make people stop and stare, she is a great actress, without a doubt the next top actress to come from South Africa…

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