Teaser Eclipse Poster!

New Moon isn’t even out of theaters yet and already fans are dying for just a glimpse of the next movie, Eclipse. The poster looks kind of cool, although I was secretly hoping for a blown-up poster of the vampires and werewolves shaking hands (or somehow other showing their signs of newly found brotherhood.) Instead what we get is no pictures of the characters at all but a very dark and sinister looking movie poster. It’s actually kind of perfect for Eclipse, isn’t it, when we get a darker look into the world of non-vegetarian vampires and actual vampire armies that are nothing but blood thirsty? I also love how the poster shows a full moon in an eclipse stage and how the “p” in eclipse looks like a dagger, with little sparkly and twinkling effects on the other letters. And lets not forget those angry clouds either that seem to be rolling right off the page at you.

Along with the teaser poster for the new movie, we also get some new details on this highly-anticipated film. It will be released on June 30, 2010 which means, “Yay!” We don’t have to wait even a year to get the next installment of the saga! And of course there’s the official website too at eclipsethemovie.com, where we can all go to get our fill of everything Eclipse. It’s also just been announced that David Slade will be the director of the film. Now that I think is kind of weird. Catherine Hardwick directed Twilight, Chris Weitz directed New Moon and now another, third director is going to direct the third movie? Doesn’t that sound a little off? Isn’t there something about a constant vision that’s going to get disrupted with a different director for every movie? Meh, maybe it’s just me. And I’m pretty sure that whoever directs any of the movies, they’ll be amazing.

So, what does everyone else think of the new Eclipse movie poster?


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  3. I must say that the poster does look quite mencing.
    I havnt even seen New Moon yet.
    I probably should considering that Eclipse is going to be out in less than a year.
    But so far, the first movie had been a let down. A HUGE one.
    So, I’m worried that if i watch the next one it’ll just throw me off the whole saga.
    I’ve read all the books, though.
    But yeah,
    The poster is cool.
    In a way, ironic aswell.
    I never would have noticed the ‘P shaped-like-a-daggar-thing.’
    Great-job pointing that out.


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