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Thanos Claims Another Victim

You ever watch those people who get up to leave when the credits start rolling on a Marvel movie and wonder what the blue hell is wrong with them? How could they NOT know at this point that there are more scenes to come? Or maybe they just don’t care? But if they don’t care, it seems unlikely that they’d have plopped down money to watch the movie in the first place. Maybe they’re hoping to go home and find a bootleg copy of the after-credits scenes on the Internet. But wouldn’t it be easier to, y’know, just sit there five more minutes and watch the scenes on the big screen? Is it really that important to be the first to get to your car? Is it really such a problem to get out of the theater parking lot?

Some people, man. I just don’t understand them.

It is unknown if Peddapasupula Baasha of Andhra Pradesh, India got to see any of the post-credits scenes. He died sometime during the movie, but was only discovered afterwards. I suspect his exact moment of death was when Thanos snapped his fingers towards the end of the film. He was just one of the unlucky half of the universe that got snuffed. (No disrespect to the family of Peddapasupula Baasha…if such a person really exists, or existed. I’m not convinced the report is genuine.)

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TheCheezman • May 20, 2018

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