The Best of Cartoon Vampires

mona1. Mona the Vampire! Hey, just because it wasn’t originally in English doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome. Mona gets the number one spot because she isn’t actually a vampire sense, but she’s so intensely deranged, that she dons fake fangs, and battles her the supernatural monsters that her town is overrun with. From her hair that looks as though it were done by a blind clown, to her vampire sense that allows her to detect the presence of ghoulish creeps, Mona is fabulous!

2. Count Chocula! If you don’t know who Count Chocula is, it’s never too late. Go straight to the grocery store, and pick up some Count Chocula; you can find him with Frankenberry,  and Boo-Berry, but alas, you can no longer buy Fruit-Brute, or Yummy Mummy, as of 1983.

vincent3. Vincent the Vegetable Vampire – portrayed by Morgan Freeman in The Electric Company, in 1971. Okay, I’ll admit right now, he wasn’t -actually- a cartoon, but oh my god, it you want to laugh until you fall out of your chair, check out Vincent’s theme song. Watching Morgan Freeman dancing around and singing about sucking the life out of turnips and screaming tomatoes will make your day, –or your night!

CountDuckulaCast4. Count Duckula! Sure, it’s an 80’s British cartoon, but we love him anyway. Think of an alternate universe where Scrooge McDuck is actually a sort of happy Count Dracula. Count Duckula has to live up to a series of hardcore vampires in his ancestry, but sadly, when he was resurrected by the his dingy sidekicks, Nanny and Igor, someone used ketchup instead of blood in a surprisingly sinister looking ritual. Naturally, he’s a little bit on the nerdy side, but we forgive easily our fabulous Count Duckula!

little dracula5. Little Dracula! The kid from this troubled cartoon was creepy; he had big globular red eyes, green skin, and an inferiority complex when it came to living up to the high standards of his daddy, Big Dracula. The show only last 15 episodes, had 3 that weren’t even aired, and was disjointedly featured first in 1991, then again in 1999. However, if you loved Little Dracula, it can be found on VHS if you’re willing to look!

By annimi

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  4. The cartoon movie I loved as a kid was Ketchup Vampires. It takes the whole “vegetarian” vampire thing to a for real level lol. ;)

  5. Excellent article^_^ Mind if I make a few honorable mentions? Drack Jr. from The Drack Pack. Dracky from The Comic Strip: Mini-Monsters, Vinnie Stoker from Gravedale High, Thatch from Casper’s Scare School, and Draculara from Monster High.

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