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The Bloodless Howler

I’m all up on my cryptozoology, and on my folklore. Yet I’d never heard of the West Virginia Bloodless Howler before. Or maybe I did, but I’d just forgotten about it. Or maybe it is just so obscure a beast, so geographically restricted, that it seldom gets mentioned by monster hunters or essayists. But whatever the case, the Bloodless Howler is a strange one. It sucks blood, like a vampire, but preys on livestock and deer, like a Chupacabra. It has the body of a canine and the head of a panther. And it’s impervious to bullets.

Honestly, has anyone ever gotten a good enough look at this supposed creature to be able to describe it in such detail? I’m highly doubtful. This sounds like a case of armchair fish-storytelling. People who read about the supposed encounters–they are on record as far back as the late 1920s–and then decided to add details as to what it looked like. Eyewitness accounts do seem to be in agreement that the entity is white. An albino, maybe?

I have no idea who painted this painting, or if it is intended to depict the Bloodless Howler. (Is the creature itself supposed to be bloodless, and that’s why it’s white? Does “white” in this case equate to “pale”? Or did it get its name because of its habit of draining the blood from its victims?) I just like it, so I’m using it here. If anybody knows who the artist is, please let me know so I can offer proper attribution.

TheCheezman • April 9, 2018

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