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The Bride, Colorized

Generally speaking, I am against colorizing black-and-white movies. There is a beauty in black-and-white that shouldn’t be erased or covered over. Black-and-white also symbolizes the “classic” status of classic films. Even those early movies filmed in glorious black-and-white that are *not* classics are lent a degree of style and savoir-faire by their presentation in black-and-white. All that being said, I can dig on a colorized photograph, like this one here pictured. I don’t know who did the colorizing or I’d be glad to credit him/her, and offer that person my thanks.

Man, Elsa Lanchester was gorgeous. Even as the Bride of Frankenstein, the role with which the versatile and gifted actress will always be most associated, she was stunning. I remember feeling, as a little boy on the brink of puberty, kinda weird that I thought the Bride was sexy. Turns out horny little Buster Brown version of me was correct, though. She *is* sexy. And it isn’t just Frankenstein (the Monster) who thinks so.

In addition to being the Bride, Lanchester is known to Horror fans for being married to actor Charles Laughton, who had some Horror cred of his own, appearing in THE OLD DARK HOUSE with Boris Karloff and ISLAND OF LOST SOULS with Bela Lugosi.

TheCheezman • April 26, 2019

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