The Brilliant Patrick Tatopoulos on ‘The Last Voyage of the Demeter’

Patrick Tatopoulos is the amazing production designer who worked on films such as Underworld, I, Robot, Independence Day, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, I Am Legend, and many more incredible movies. He was also the director of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans and is a judge on the SyFy show Face Off. Obviously this kickass man is not new to the world of vampires, he has worked on quite a few vampire flicks in the past, and now, he is working on another – The Last Voyage of the Demeter.

Tthe-last-voyage-of-the-demeterhis upcoming vampire film follows the ill-fated crew aboard the merchant ship Demeter which carried Dracula’s coffin from Transylvania to England only to arrive at port with no survivors aboard.

The Last Voyage of the Demeter has been in the making for a very long time, a very very long time. Vampire fans who have been waiting for this movie have been pretty disappointed that it’s not here yet, and they aren’t the only ones. Patrick Tatopoulos, who worked on the project, is also upset about the progress of this movie. In a recent interview he chatted about working on the film.

“The Last Voyage of the Demeter is a huge disappointment for me,” admits Patrick Tatopoulos when addressing the long delayed seafaring vampire tale which is to be directed by Alec Proyas.  “I love that script.  It’s a fantastic thing.  We developed an incredible look for the movie. We worked on the script for a long time. It was a painful process thinking it, rethinking it, thinking it, and rethinking it.  Many years later and we’re still developing it. It looks like it’s kicking in finally.  I was involved four years ago. I don’t know why they didn’t get it going with me or someone else for that matter.  I’ve spent so much work on this project.  It’s an amazing project. For someone with a visual sense, it’s strong.   It’s Das Boot [1981] meets Dracula; that’s the kind of project I’d like to direct.”

I feel his pain. I also want this movie to happen. How about you?

– Moonlight

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