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The Cane, boss! The Cane!

I was late getting into AMERICAN HORROR STORY. It wasn’t that it didn’t sound intriguing to me. It’s just that I was too damn busy to sit down every week for a television program, even if I TiVo’d it. I started watching it when Lady Gaga showed up as a vampire in HOTEL. Then, using my trusty Netflix, I went back and watched FREAK SHOW, which I liked even better than HOTEL. Now I’m working my way through ASYLUM, and I’m digging it more than FREAK SHOW. Perhaps the next season I choose to watch out of sequence will be my favorite yet?

Anyway, this is totally dated, but I just this past week watched the episode in which James Cromwell’s Nazi scientist character comes limping in with the aid of a cane—an exact replica of the silver wolf’s head cane carried by Barnabas Collins during the entire run of DARK SHADOWS! To make sure the viewers notice it, the camera at several points zooms in on it for a close-up. No doubt about it, it’s Barnabas’s cane, alright. It’s so cool when one geek show pays homage to another. The AHS creative team has its collective heart in the right place, that’s for sure.

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TheCheezman • March 16, 2017

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