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As they say on social media platforms, well, that escalated quickly.

This one hits close to home for me. Phillip and Kristy, the owners of NIGHTMARE TOYS, are friends of mine. I have not met director Robert Hall, the guy behind the LAID TO REST films, but he is a friend of theirs, thus a friend-of-a-friend to me. During a Youtube segment for NIGHTMARE TOYS, Hall mentioned that he had plans to remake the 80s schlockfest CHOPPING MALL. This film is the epitome of 80s Horror; it takes place in a shopping mall, where robotic security guards go haywire and start killing off teens who snuck into the mall and stayed overnight. It’s pure cheese, and it’s glorious fun. Hall intended to ditch the robots, though, in exchange for possessed mannequins. Department store mannequins possessed by the ghosts of slaves buried beneath the mall sounds like glorious fun, too.

A nasty row has developed between the guy who directed the original CHOPPING MALL and Hall. Also between Hall and Twitter-using fanboys. Unfortunately, it would appear that Hall let his temper get the better of him in some of those exchanges–boy, do I know how that goes–and this has reflected poorly on him in the public eye. Personally I think his idea sounds like a hoot. If he’s having trouble getting the rights to the title CHOPPING MALL, I’d suggest he just change the title, as his idea has precious little to do with the earlier film, anyway, and make his possessed mannequins movie. Zombie mannequins sounds like a good time to me.

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TheCheezman • March 30, 2018

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