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THE CONJURING House Open for Business

A few years back I visited Phoenixville, Pennsylvania where THE BLOB was filmed. I sought out and ate at the diner attacked by the Blob in the movie. (Said diner is not, as is depicted in the movie, directly across the street from the movie theater; rather it is a few miles down the road.) There was nothing BLOB-related at the place. No posters, no memorabilia, nothing. I was told by a waitress that the current owner didn’t like the movie and didn’t like that fans of the movie sought the place out. What a moron. Isn’t it sad when commoner normal people end up as proprietors of places that are sacred sites to the geeks of the world, and refuse to join in the celebration?

The previous owners of the 1736 farmhouse allegedly haunted by the witch Bathsheba Sherman, said haunting of which inspired the original THE CONJURING movie, sued the studio after the movie came out, resenting that the movie had brought the house to the attention of fans who were subsequently dropping by to see the house. The house has been purchased by Cory and Jennifer Heinzen, and they aren’t old stodgy stogies like the former owner. They’re also smarter, realizing the value in the property as a tourist attraction. As soon as they finish with some fix-er-up work, they plan to open the house to the public. Good for them. And yes, the Heinzen’s say the place is still hella-haunted.

TheCheezman • July 29, 2019

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