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The Day Mrs. Ed Wood Met Johnny Depp, Revisited

Remember this post? In it, I credited Denise DiNovi, co-producer of the film ED WOOD, as being the person who escorted Mrs. Kathy Wood, widow of Ed Wood, onto the set of the film. It seems this information was fallacious, and it seems, I fear, to have irked one of the writers of the screenplay, Scott Alexander, who proclaimed on social media upon reading the article: “Oh for God’s sake, it wasn’t Denise and Tim [Burton]…it was me!” My apologies, Mr. Alexander. It was an unintentional oversight. I wasn’t there. I could only go on the information provided to me, which came via Bob Blackburn, who is Kathy Wood’s heir, and he could only go on the information provided to him by Mrs. Wood. Memories can get a little fuzzy with the passage of time. I know that no one involved meant to withhold the credit for your good deed. And kudos to you for insisting that Mrs. Wood stick around that day, and for insisting that Johnny Depp meet with her.

Hopefully this sets the record straight publicly. Not that I expect the majority of our readers here will care overly much who it was specifically who introduced Mrs. Wood around the set. Still, it was a nice thing to do, and the person who did it ought to be recognized.

TheCheezman • September 15, 2019

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