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The Dead Children’s Playground

It’s just a playground. Let’s go ahead and get that out of the way. It just happens to butt up against a cemetery. (The historic, gorgeous Maple Hill cemetery in Huntsville, Alabama.) That’s why the legend developed that it is haunted, that it is actually a part of the cemetery (it isn’t), that a serial killer back in the 60s buried his victims there (there was no serial killer and thus no victims), and that the ghosts of children venture over there to play every night. They say the swings are always moving, yet they are empty. Could be ghosts, unseen by human eyes. Or could be the wind. I’ll let you decide which is the more likely.

All that being said, people who claim to be in tune with such things maintain that the playground IS an active site. Its proximity to the cemetery might explain that. And there ARE lots of children buried at Maple Hill. I can report that there’s a certain energy, a certain vibe, to the place. Maybe it’s just imagination and maybe it’s just that it’s so close to the cemetery proper. But it has an atmosphere to it, and it’s a nice, peaceful place to while away a little time. They lock the place up at night, though, with the police patrolling the area regularly. They got tired of all the teenagers sneaking in at night to conduct séances. And do “other” things there. (Hey, not in front of the kids, you pervs!)

TheCheezman • November 7, 2018

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