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The Dracula-Batman Connection

There are several, actually. Batman and Dracula have fought each other in comic books and in cartoons. Both of them wear capes and dark colors. Bought prefer the nighttime and tend to scare the crap out of people. Then there is that obvious bat thing; one turns into one, the other dresses up as one. There’s another one, though, a far less prominent one.

Roland West’s silent film masterpiece THE BAT inspired young artist Bob Kane to create, along with writer Bill Finger, the character Batman. A few years after the release of THE BAT, when technology had advanced to the point that “talkies” were becoming all the rage, West returned to the property to direct its remake. They changed the name for that one to THE BAT WHISPERS. Anyone who has seen either film will readily see the influences it had on Batman. He will readily see just how much stuff Bob Kane blatantly STOLE to use for Batman. THE BAT WHISPERS starred Chester Morris in the lead–and before Universal Pictures cast Bela Lugosi in DRACULA a year later, they offered the role of the Count to Morris! (Oh, and he turned them down, if you were wondering why they went with Lugosi.) And now you know.

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TheCheezman • September 8, 2017

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