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The Dracula Coin

I used to make fun of those “collector’s coin” commercials that aired on late-night television, offering you the chance to “own a piece of history!” for just $19.99, but the offer is “limited to five units per customer and will not be repeated!” and “once they’re gone, they’re gone!” trying to sucker people into paying twenty bucks for a ONE-DOLLAR coin. I mean, it’s literally printed on the coin that it is worth one dollar! Now I’m gonna have to eat some crow and order such a coin for myself, provided I can get my grubby hands on one. They’re European, so there may be some difficulties getting one here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Hopefully not.

It’s a Dracula commemorative coin. It costs fifteen euros. It took me about five seconds to find out that this sum equates to about seventeen US dollars. For a one-dollar coin. That I’m going to buy anyway, provided I can get one. Because it’s a Dracula commemorative coin. So yeah, okay, coin collector nerds. I’m sorry for making fun of you. I get it now. I’m fixin’ to become one of you, even. I already AM one of you, if you count the Sir Richard Francis Burton Kenyan coin that I bought off eBay a couple’a years back.

Given that Sir Richard probably served as the inspiration for the physical appearance of Count Dracula, it’s fitting that those would serve as the first and only two coins in my coin collection. (Hey, if you own more than one of them, it qualifies as a collection, I’ve been told.)

TheCheezman • November 8, 2018

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