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The Elixir of Life and Vampirism

I caught this program the other night on the Science Channel, devoted to vampires. (Ah, Halloween season, when there’s spooky stuff all over the airwaves!) One part of the show I found particularly interesting involved the way Medieval Alchemists would boil blood to try to distill from it the (or at least *A*) Elixir of Life. What they were really distilling, as proved by scientific recreation of the process, was pure blood plasma, which is a pretty golden color. Might his latter fact be the origin of that legend about Alchemists trying to turn base metal and other things into gold?

The Internet can be a cesspool, and it sure is frustrating for the folklorist. Trying to research the origins of the Alchemical processes concerning distillation of the Elixir of Life from human blood will only result in about ten million links to roleplaying games and video games and a bunch of nonsense. I *can* report with authenticity that it was believed certain of the Alchemists *did* manage to achieve the yielding of the Elixir of Life and thus became immortal. Nicolas Flamel, for example. The link between Alchemy and vampirism is intriguing and has been under-researched—save by role-players and video game enthusiasts and nonsense mongers, unfortunately.

TheCheezman • November 18, 2018

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