The Four Best Vampire Animes

hellsing05Hellsing – Hellsing actually follows Dracula, –er, Alucard, and a descendant of the original van Helsing, who formed the Hellsing Organization, which kills and controls the vampire population. How? Well, because the latest in the Hellsing line is a hardcore, cold female who keeps Alucard on a short leash, and turns him out as an agent to kill his own kind. Alucard doesn’t seem to mind, and he does a damn good job. There are two animes, and a manga; the manga came first, detailed, original, stylish, then the first anime. Sadly, the first anime sort of sucks; the animation is herky jerky, and sources say, doesn’t really follow the manga very closely at all. Though it has a damn catchy theme song. Hellsing Ultimate is a shorter series, with better quality animation, that sticks to the manga story throughout.

vampire_hunter_d_fanartVampire Hunter D – D for Dhampir, he follows and hunts vampires, some classical some not. Think of it as a gothic vampire Western, that just happens to be anime, and you’ll have arrived at the general style. There are two films, 1985, 2000, a video game, a comics series, and an audio drama! Hunt down both movies and check them out, if you’re in the mood for some dhampir-on-vampire crime fighting madness.

Trinity Blood – A totally confusing anime that every seems to love, –also featured on Adult Swim for a short period before its cancellation. The story involves vampires, aliens, earthlings, and Catholicism, –as well as the Vatican playing a major military role, in the future. It’s science fiction gone to extremes, and if you can follow it, you have my lifelong admiration. As for me, I’ll happily settle back with something a bit more one-dimensional any day.

vampire_knight_61Vampire Knight – If you’ve got the usual hard-on for anime schoolgirls in pleated skirts, –you know you do, don’t lie, –and just happen to have a dash of vampire fandom sprinkled in with the rest of your secret anime obsession, then you’ll love Vampire Knight. It takes place in academy surroundings, where minimal school uniforms and anatomically anime girls abound. There’s action, romance, moody vampires, and vampire hunters; more than enough to fulfill your vampire anime romance fantasies for years. Plus, there’s manga, fanfic, audio drama, short novels, and even a video game!

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  2. Good selection. I’m not a huge vampire Knight Fan (although I love Kaname), but the other three are full of awesome. Specially Trinity Blood. LOL It is confusing if you only watch the anime. It is actually a series of light novels that were finished after the author died (he told his best friend the ending and asked him to write and publish it).

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