The Gates: New Vampire Series On ABC?

I really frigging hope so; honestly, we can’t have too many vampire shows out there, even if they suck massively, they’ll still have vampires. But it’s weird, because we haven’t really heard anything about this show, have we? I mean, very few bloggers out there were in the know about this show, –I came across it totally by a series of random browsing events, including Firefox crashing at least once, –note to self, switch to Google Chrome. But yes, rejoice vampire fans, ABC is joining the networks with its own vampire addition. Or maybe not, –but it does sound like vampires to me.

Let me clarify, –because there’s also no promotional material out there for this show that’s supposed to premier in June, called ‘The Gates’, –what information we do have is pretty vague. But we think you’ll agree, –it sounds like  vampires. is in the kknow, take a look at the show’s brief summary:

“Nestled inside a private mountain community are The Gates. The image of perpetual suburban bliss, each street is lined with perfectly manicured homes protected by the massive iron gates, but a dark and delicious secret is buried just beneath the surface of this picturesque neighborhood.

Like most families that settle inside The Gates, the Monahans are unmoored from a complicated life they abandoned in Chicago. Named the new police chief of The Gates, Nick Monahan is expecting a change of pace in this quiet suburb. Nick’s wife, Sarah, and their children, Charlie and Dana, are embarking on new adventures as well. Their house is to die for, but amidst the excitement, Sarah is still burdened with the revelation that her husband may not be the man she thought he was. Charlie and Dana will also face some challenges of their own: Along with navigating the trials and tribulations of adolescence, they’ll also face the daunting task of fitting into their new upscale school, where their new friends run in tight-knit packs.

There’s something very different about this place, almost… haunting. Unions will be complicated by friends with unnatural influence, insatiable housewives will struggle with ravenous cravings, and teenagers will be cursed with keeping their beastly instincts in check. The Monahans are facing an uncertain fate. Nick is about to be tangled up in a mystery where he will begin to piece together the dark truth about their new home, and the supernatural elements that lurk behind the shadows of The Gates.”

None of the actors in the series sound even remotely familiar: Frank Grillo, Marisol Nichols, Rhona Mitra, Luke Mably, Travis Caldwell, Skyler Samuels, Colton Haynes, Chandra West, Victoria Platt, Justin Miles, and Janina Gavankar. But then, we didn’t really know anyone from The Vampire Diaries either, –except maybe Damon, played by Ian Somerhalder, who was just as adorable in Lost. Except that, like, he died, which was a major bummer. Grillo is pretty well ironed out as a TV actor, appearing in lots of crime shows, including CSI and Law and Order.

Marisol Nichols is most recognizable from ’24’ as Nadia Yassir, and spent her early career in much more unknown areas, aside from a  shot performance in Scream 2, when she played Dawnie. We can skip Rhona Mitra, she’s still fairly well-known, while Luke Mably on the other hand, has been known primarily for his roles in ‘The Prince & Me’ movie franchise. All I have to say about that is: Lololol. Travis Caldwell is cute, so we all hope The Gates work out for him; his career is mostly a big blank, and this could be his big break. Skyler Samuels went upwards in 2009 from her various minor roles in (GAG) Disney sitcoms, when she played Beth Harding in the pretty entertaining ‘The Stepfather’ remake.The host of other actors, well, we’ll save those for another day. Stay tuned for more information on ‘the Gates’!

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  4. Kinda sounds more like werewolves to me,..’run in packs’ ‘teenagers will be cursed with keeping their beastly instincts in check’,
    I will definitely be checking it out though

  5. This sounds like a cool show, but we must not skip Rhona Mitra.
    She was in Sweet Home Alabama, Skinwalkers, Doomsday, and most recently, she played Sonia, the main character in Underworld, (Rise of the Lycans)! She is a very beautiful and talented girl!

  6. I agree with Caitie, it sounds more like a werewolf show, which I’m hoping for. We have enough vampire shows to the point the producers will likely drain the current trend dry, pardon the pun.

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  8. I think this will be another success like Vampire Diaries.. Vampire shows tend to be addicting! And who won’t want to tune in to watch Rhona Mitra!!! she’s a knockout…I will be watching.

  9. Apparently, Gabrielle Stanton, who was a producer on some episodes of Vampire Dairies and on Moonlight (as well as Grey’s Anatomy, Farscape and several other shows) is also co-producing this show.

    So far, this is looking like a supernatural soap opera to me, a la Dark Shadows.

    Hopefully this isn’t the case.

  10. I think it’s going to be vampires, werewolves and other supernatural beings. It looks like it’s going to be amazing!! My friend, Skully of the duo Metisse is providing the music for the series!!! We are so excited!!! The song you will be hearing in the promos and at the beginning of the episodes is Boom Boom Ba by Metisse! Stop by their Myspace page and give them a shout!!!!!

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