The Gates – “Pilot” Season 1 Episode 1

“The Monohan family moves into a new home in an exclusive community called The Gates; things become complicated when the father, the new chief of police, must investigate neighbors in a missing-persons case his first day on the job.”

The latest vampire series to hit the tube is set in an upper-class, closed community behind some elaborate gates.  The beautiful Rhona Mitra plays Claire Radcliff, housewife and vampire.  Succumbing to the temptation of blood from an injury to the head of a contractor, she offers to help tend his wound and clean him up a bit.  The bloodlust seems to overwhelm her and after a brief seduction, she spills his blood and collects it in bottles in the wine cellar.  Her husband Dylan returns home that evening and  smells the deceit on her.  He seems to be wanting to fit in with the humans, but Claire much less so.

The Gates community hides other outcasts of normal society.  Werewolves and Witches, so far.  No sign of the Mystery van yet.  We have the high school werewolf jocks, and a good witch vs bad witch.

Adding to the murder mystery — well not for us we know who did it — there’s the budding teen romance with the new kid, Charlie Monahan and Andie Bates.  Brett Crezski, Andie’s boyfriend naturally isn’t happy and a very typical werewolf rage is difficult to control.  We find out as the episode closes that a body is discovered, but it isn’t the contractors.   It belongs to the retired Chief that had supposedly left for vacation.  Body count x2!

What is the Gates trying to be?  Is it a supernatural Desperate Housewives + Vampire Diaries + Witches of Eastwick mashup? Can it last the season?  We’ll see.  What do you think?

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By Veritas

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