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I’m not British, or I probably would have known there was no story here. But I’m as American as you can get, and I hadn’t, until a few weeks ago, even heard of GHOSTWATCH. In case you missed my previous article on the subject, and you’re too lazy to click on the link now, GHOSTWATCH was a pseudo-documentary that aired on Halloween in 1992. Kids thought it was real, and some of them developed anxiety problems, even PTSD, after the airing of the show.

Reading about GHOSTWATCH, I noticed that one of the principal performers was an actress named Sarah Greene, known for work on children’s programming (which helped to blur those lines for the kids watching, no doubt, and leaving them more vulnerable to the unexpected scary stuff). So maybe she was a kid back in 1992, I thought. And knowing that Sarah Greene is the name of the luscious Irish actress who played Hecate Poole on PENNY DREADFUL, I thought I’d made a cool connection. Nope. Not the same Sarah Greene. The one who starred in GHOSTWATCH was an adult at the time. It took me hours of Internet research to discover this fact. (Okay, more like two minutes on IMDB.) This article, here, did afford me a reason to study up on Sarah Greene, though. Both of them. But I like the one from PENNY DREADFUL a lot better.

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TheCheezman • December 14, 2017

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