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The Holy Grail – I Have Ed Wood’s Camera!

I wrote about it first a couple of weeks ago. The first camera Ed Wood ever owned, presented to him as a birthday gift from his mom when he turned 17. It was a Kodak “Cine Special,” produced in the year 1941. I lamented that no one knew what had become of that camera. Now, however, I am thrilled and delighted to announce that I managed to locate it, and this camera is now in my possession! I own Ed Wood’s camera!

Somehow or other, the camera had managed to end up on eBay. The poor sucker who sold it to me had no idea what he had, and I got it for a song. How’d it end up there? I have no idea. What’s that you say? How do I KNOW it is Ed Wood’s camera? Ju-ju, man. Magic. I conducted a ritual wherein I watched all the canon of Ed Wood films. I memorized and recited Bela Lugosi’s speeches from GLEN OR GLENDA?, then recited them backwards. Then I called upon the spirit of Criswell to guide me on my eBay search, and to direct the search engine to locate the correct camera. (And you know Criswell was NEVER wrong.) That’s how.

(Hey, in all honesty, it COULD be Ed’s camera. You can’t prove that it ISN’T, now can you?)

Unfortunately the camera no longer works, but I didn’t buy it to USE. I bought it to HAVE. I’m as happy as a clam in chowder. Or a guy eating clam chowder. The latter is probably the better metaphor.

TheCheezman • August 31, 2018

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