The Hottest Vampire Costumes

Before we even get into the whole vampire costume craze, I’d like to knock down some of the crap you expect to find here. First off, I’m not here to post a massive list of post-adolescent silicone Barbies dressed in skin-tight, barely there costumes. Vampires typically wear a little more than lingerie; they need to, because going out at night in a cape and a teddy would make you look pretty suspicious. And we all know vampires prefer to blend in, lest some modern van Helsing try to put the smackdown on the vampire community. FYI for all you vampires out there, don’t go as a vampire for Halloween; it’s been done, it’s not ironic anymore, and there’s nothing wrong with originality!

Be A Scary Vampire!

If you want, anyway. Try to be the only guy or girl on your block with some sense of proportion; you’ll already be neck deep in sexy vampires. Be the terrifying one! Scare little kids, leer at your neighbors, and do your best to look nasty.

Get Your Undead Groove On!

scaryvampmakeupRemember the crazy ugly vampires in Buffy? Those effects can be duplicated by following Brad Schecter’s eHow Guide to applying vampire makeup. He gives you the whole shebang; what products to use, and a whole series of videos so that you can apply the makeup with as much step by step information, as humanly, or well, inhumanly possibly. Check the pic on the right for the finished result.

If you don’t have the prosthetics or the cash to spend an unholy amount on your costume, do something crazy, –get sticky with fake blood! I mean, and all out, full on, First Ten Minutes of Blade, Nightclub Blood Showers Scene, –sticky with blood. Add the fangs, and there’s no mistaking you. Probably the worst costume idea for anyone who lives in a climate warm enough for mosquitoes to still be out, just a warning. In the next article, I’ll be listing a few homemade blood recipes for mixing up in the house, no need to spend a fortune on any of these recipes either.

vampire-costumeFinally, if you don’t have the patience for sticky goo, or the knack for heavy makeup, go the good old Count Orlock route, and buy a mask! A creepy one, and if possible, make your fingers look long and gross withought actually getting the gloves depicted here on the left. Get fake nails, the really long, grotesque ones, and do not, I repeat, do not paint them! Instead, paint a red outline around the edge, near the cuticle to make your blood stained claws extra, super gross.

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