The House of Erebus

There are countless vampire movies out right now and even more coming, but even so we can’t forget about the greats from a few years ago, like Blade. The Blade trilogy was (and still is) badass, so today we’re giving it some love. One of my favorite things from the Blade flicks was the Vampire Houses, so as a tribute to Blade I’ll be taking a look at the House of Erebus.

In the Blade films, vampires are grouped into clans called Vampire Houses. The House of Erebus is one of these; this house is then separated into twelve different tribes. The house takes its name from Erebus (the Greek god of darkness) and holds the book of Erebus (vampire bible) in high esteem. The House is ruled by twelve purebloods, these vampires were used in the first Blade movie by Deacon Frost to summon La Magra, the Vampire blood god.

Here is a list of the tribes that are part of the House of Erebus:

Ashe: The Ashe tribe are the most sensitive to the elements most traditionally used to combat vampires. Ultra violet rays, sunlight, silver and garlic all have a stronger effect on these vamps.

Cianteto: This tribe is from Mexico and was supposedly raised from the dead by the same witches that gave Montezuma his vast power. They are warriors and are said to have the strength of ten men and the ability to regenerate limbs lost in battle.

Dragonetti: The Dragonetti Tribe are powerful sorcerers dating back to pre-Medieval times, they were reincarnated and returned to Europe. They consider themselves the first pure bred vampires.

Faustinas: These vampires are believed to have gained their “pure blood” status by practicing Santaria (similar to Voodoo). Along with physical strength, they also can control minds, matter and the elements. The only way to kill a Faustinas is by staking them in the heart with a silver stake and then decapitating them, if this is not done they will be reborn with more power than they possessed before. The House of Erebus has twelve members and eleven tribes, two seats are held by the Faustinas identical twin female leaders.

Ligaroo: This Ligaroo tribe are from France. During the night they shed their skin and turn into a ball of fire to stalk their prey. They feed only from their victim’s jugular and are the only Tribe that hoards blood for use later.

Lemure: This tribe comes from Rome and was originally evil spirits that inhabited corpses and turned the dead into immortal night stalkers. Known for their ability to seduce their prey, they are beautiful denizens of Goth clubs.

Kobejitsu: Members on the Kobejitsu tribe are proficient assassins known as the Death Ninjas. They’re strong, agile and possess unusual stamina. The Kobejitsu can be identified by their red, bulging eyes. They are also the only members of the House of Erebus that do not cast a shadow.

Lobishomen: This tribe is linked to the werewolves of Brazil. It is said that the original Lobishomen were killed by a werewolf and returned to the earth as a vampire. Since werewolves have killed so many, the lobishomen is the largest clan in the House of Erebus.

Von Esper: This is the most violent and ruthless tribe in the House of Erebus. They are proficient assassins and are easily swayed or involved when bloodshed is involved.

Upier: The Upier tribe are born with a full set of teeth and razor sharp fangs. They are originally from Eastern Europe and are particularly lethal and feared because of their ability to hone their deadly skills at a young age.

Pallintine: This tribe comes from Baltic region and are some of the wealthiest industrialists in the Vampire world. Their massive wealth has allowed them to easily blend into society.

Do you remember the tattoos in the films? Each tribe has their own glyph that marks them and those under them. Here’s a look at the glyphs from the House of Erebus:

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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  4. Awesome glyphs (VERY)! Thank you for posting them and the discussions about each of them. Please continue to do so at your further convenience as much as possible. I am fascinated with the subject and I am continually amazed at finding etymological bases that weigh in with our own spoken language used today. For some reason I tend to identify with the Faustinas tattoo. All in fun of course!

  5. I am so interested that someone knows a hybrid. Before I considered, or even ran across this website, I had named a pet “Shadow Erebus!” He is a totally black White Toed Siamese cat. Terribly intelligent and quite in tune with me as a living being. Are you able to share any info about your hybrid…acquaintance?

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