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THE INVISIBLE MAN and the Scarlet R

It used to be, to the minds, of most Horror buffs, that a Horror movie had to have an R rating in order to be any good. There have been more than enough good ones with a PG-13 rating to come out to disprove that theory. Even so, it’s never a *bad* sign when a Horror flick is bestowed with an R rating for “strong, bloody violence”. It takes me back to my childhood, when such movies were deemed taboo and, as the direct result, even more appealing. (I confess, I saw a *lot* of R-rated movies as a kid. A LOT. But there was always a pushback from my conservative parents. I think they realized that I was watching the movies for the Horror and not the boobies and cussing, so they reluctantly went along with it, fortunately for me.)

Considering that the suits in the offices, displaying the lack of brain power that the suits in the offices typically have, wanted to relaunch the “Dark Universe” of Universal Horror as a bunch of “action-adventure” movies, and considering just how big was the failure of that approach, it is a *very* good sign that the upcoming THE INVISIBLE MAN has earned an R rating. Maybe this time they understand that what the fans want from the classic Monsters is *Horror*. We’ll know for sure on February 28th.

TheCheezman • January 21, 2020

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