The Kappa: A Most Disgusting Vampire

The Japanese have their many forms of the vampire. But the most disgusting form of one has got to be the Kappa. The Kappa vampire live in water sources around Japan, mostly ponds and streams, and they feed on livestock and animals in the area. They are also known to feed off of young children and oddly, cucumbers. What’s so disgusting about these vampires, except that they prey on the weak? They eat through their anuses! Eeeww! You thought getting bitten by a vampire was bad before!

Kappas drag their prey into the water with them and suck out the blood of the animal (or child) through their anuses. This often caused their rear ends to be swollen, and because they lived in water, they also often reeked of fish. The Kappas just keep getting better and better, don’t they? The rest of their appearance wasn’t so great either. They’re said to have a yellow-greenish tone to their scales and fins, which they’re covered with and they also had webbing between their fingers and toes.

Because the Kappa also eats cucumbers, it’s said that the villagers would often write the name of their children on a cucumber and throw it into the water where the Kappa lived. This was said to appease the Kappa and they would then eat the cucumber. This allowed the children and villagers to enter the water and bathe without having to worry about being attacked by the Kappa. (You still couldn’t pay me enough to get into that water!)

There are also many stories about how the Kappa would often bargain with the villagers. In one instance, a Kappa came out of the water to attack a farmer’s horse that was tied up nearby. During the attack, the Kappa lost its arm and the horse got away. When the horse got back to the farm, he had the Kappa’s arm in his mouth. The Kappa came to the farm later in the evening to ask the farmer for his arm back. The farmer refused and so, the Kappa struck a deal with the farmer. The deal was that the Kappa would attack the villagers no more, if the farmer would only give him his arm back. The farmer agreed, and the Kappa happily returned to its home, with its arm in tow. After that incident, the Kappa would often tell the villagers, “Don’t come to the beach, for the guest is coming.” The guest was another Kappa, who wasn’t bound to the same deal that the resident Kappa was.

Although the Kappa was once firmly believed to be a true and very real vampire creature around ponds and streams in Japan, today you’ll probably only find them in Japanese cartoons and television shows. But wherever they’re found, there’s no doubt that Kappa vampire of Japan is one of the most disgusting vampire creatures yet!

– Kate


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