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THE LOST BOYS Gets a Pilot

This is either great news or lousy news, depending on how you feel about the idea of THE LOST BOYS being reimagined as a weekly television series. I personally am leery, but I’m trying to remain open-minded. The pilot has been ordered by the CW. That’s the same network that graced us with THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. (No comment.) Will the new THE LOST BOYS remotely resemble the classic 80s movie? *Should* it? Since there’s no way they can reproduce the formula, would it be better to go in a completely different direction? But how much can you alter it before it is no longer THE LOST BOYS? At what point does Coke become New Coke, unpalatable and unwelcome?

Bear in mind that they’ve tried this once already. The project was proposed back in 2016 but it never progressed to them filming a pilot episode. The next step will be to create the pilot, then see if the CW brass want to air it. If it airs and if it scores ratings, then the brass would order a series. Will we get to that point? Do we really *want* to get to that point?

When will we actually get to see this pilot? They have to film it and it has to get past the brass, so it’s too early to say.

TheCheezman • February 3, 2019

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