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THE LOST BOYS hits a snag

The planned reboot of CHARMED and the development of THE LOST BOYS property into a television series, with both projects supposed to air on the CW network, have both likewise been pushed back. They will NOT debut this year. We might get to see them NEXT year. Only time will tell if either ever makes it past the preproduction stage. I never watched CHARMED, other than the pilot episode and a few episodes scattered throughout its several season run. It just never did anything for me. Maybe what I wanted was another BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and CHARMED didn’t measure up in my estimation. For whatever reason, it never grabbed me. Hearing that its reboot is being held up, then, doesn’t really bother me. I doubt I would have watched the proposed new series anyway.

THE LOST BOYS is another matter. I am cautiously excited about this one, based on the premise of a decades-hopping anthology-type series, with only the central vampire characters being the constant. If done right, it could be cool. I’d rather they take their time with it than rush it, though. Better delayed than for it to debut and suck. Sure, it might suck anyway, but the odds are better for its long-term success and its overall quality if the creators invest the time and effort to do it properly.

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TheCheezman • February 16, 2017

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