The Many Ways To Be A Vampire

I bet many of you are wondering how someone is turned into a vampire. We all know the most popular way involving lots of blood sucking (they suck, you suck). But if you take a look at folklore, old customs and traditions throughout the world you’ll learn that there are many ways someone was believed to turn into a vampire. Some of these are pretty ridiculous, but hey, people believed anything back in the day.

Before Birth or Shortly After Birth

  • Born at certain times of the year (like a new moon or a holy day).
  • Born with red caul, with teeth, or with an extra nipple.
  • Born with a red birthmark, born with extra hair, born with two hearts.
  • Conceived on a holy day (sex during the holidays is a no no).
  • Weaned too early.
  • Still being breast fed after weaning.
  • Death without baptism (this goes for adults too).
  • Born the seventh son of a seventh son.
  • A vampire stared at the mother while she was pregnant.
  • Had a curse cast on them.
  • Mother did not eat enough salt during pregnancy.
  • Stillborn babies.

Things Done During Life That Results In Vampirism

  • Committing Suicide.
  • Eating the flesh of an animal that was accidentally killed, not properly slaughtered.
  • Being a Turk.
  • Being a witch or sorcerer.
  • Eating sheep that was killed by a wolf.
  • Leading an immoral life (prostitutes, thieves, murderers…etc.)
  • Saying a mass while in a state of sin.
  • Being a werewolf.
  • Having sex with an animal.
  • Having a vampire bite three times.
  • Stealing the ropes used to bury a corpse.

Death or After-Death Causes

  • Being killed by a vampire.
  • Wind from the Russian Steppe blowing on the corpse
  • Having a shadow fall on the corpse.
  • Death by violence or murder.
  • Having a cat or other animal jump over the corpse.
  • No burial or improper burial.
  • Murder that is unrevenged.
  • Having a candle pass over the corpse.
  • Having one’s brother sleepwalk.
  • Death by drowning.
  • Death by plague.
  • Being buried face up (this is from some parts of Romania).
  • Dying during childbirth.

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).

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I dont have a website but I am an ill 31 year old woman. I want you to help me. Please. There is no cure for what I have and if you want to ignore me you can. so many have before you. i want to love and I will love you. Help me

omg all them people that keep saying they are vampires shut da fuck up i mean you wouldnt tell anyone and you wouldnt ever eat anything but blood you wouldnt feel and pulse and you wouldnt ever sleep

Well, I think you can be a vampire but none of those things have to happen cant vampires live off human food? And how do you know if your a vampire cause i sure dont know yet do you have the answers tp my questions

i’m really a vampire fan and so want to be one but i think i don’t believe you completely… still i want to be a vampire to ave immortal beauty and life…. to watch over the person you love always until his death…. to live forever….i want that but the thing i really believed is the ‘murderer is unavenged’ cuz i know all ghosts can to to heaven or hell after having no need to do anything in this world…. even after all my negative comments it doesn’t change the fact that i…..i……i……i……


All of these vampire methods come from folklore, they’re what people believed hundreds of years ago, so some of them are pretty crazy ;)

Try thousands of years and they are the most basic truths. You’ll find more real answers in folklore than you will watching movies. Over the years we think we are getting smarter because of all our technology while in essence we are forcing ourselves further from the truth and allowing for a future of no minds.

Trust me, immortal life sucks. No pun intended. Life gets boring. The beauty sucks, because people keep confessing their love for you, You get stalkers. If your trying to keep your being a vampire a secret, it will be hard with all your stalkers. And nowadays finding a blood source is hard. I’m working on having my girlfriend letting me drink from her. And if it makes any difference, I fall under at least two of the thins above. Call me a freak, I love blood, and I have extra nipples.

do you believ you are actually a vampire??? becauce i’ve talked loads of people tat believed they were vampires but turned out to be frauds!!!! i don’t fit in any were, i figured i might fit in with vampires if i was one!!!! i haven’t found any one who is actually a vampire that can change me!!!!

HEY R U TRYIN TO INSULT ME!! CAUSE TRUST ME I AM A VAMP. I EVEN KILL LYCANS N I SUCK BLOOD!! (i mite not know who u r but u r getting really startin to annoy me)

Hmmmm…You have a great imagination,so what if you have more than two nipples or that you love or drink blood? Do you have powers that can no mach with ordinary people? Some times I feel strange and I need to eat meat (cooked) especially when it’s full moon but I’m not a werewolf….So? Maybe we are watching to many movies or somethin it’s true in those many folklore stories,legends…How old are you anyway?

i find it very hard to belive u say ur a vampire cuz i dont think a TRUE vampire would just give out their identity to the world lol, why u think we havent found a true vampire yet?? but dont get me wrong i belive an would love to be a vampire. and i belive i have some effects of vampirsme such as cant stand sunlight w/o sunglasses or other eye protection, have feeling of biteing an wanting of blood but no i dont have a third nipple lol

I must say, most of those things were very silly! arent there anyother, simpler ways to become a vampire?? I need to know because, i am finally admitting it, I WANT TO BE A VAMPIRE!!!!!!!

Lol. Especeally – being a vampire by being a werewolf, or by being a TURK, a WITCH :) People had nice imagination then. Semewhere I have read more facts like these, well some people even imaginated vampires to be purple! Hard to miss people that are purple in collor isn’t it?

I really belive in vampires and i am a real life vampire no lie and i know stefan and damon from vampire diaries and there real names r stefan real name is paul westly, and damon real name is ian somerholder and they r so hotttttt. and plus i know edward from twilight he is hot to his real name is robert pattision. and i know the wolf tribe from twilight and they r sam,paul,jacob,jared,and embra. and they r the hottest guys i mean hottest shirtless guys ever.

Totally agree Kate, if any of you are truly Vampires, why would you tell. Why would you bring that attention to yourself. You would risk yourself as well as the rest of your coven. Although Vampires are very egotistical they are not naive. I believe in Vampires and other supernatural creatures, the sounds that go bump in the night are not always our imagination. To be in the presense of a true vampire could be awesome, maybe one day you’ll get the opportunity, but how would that day end?

well this is a vampire website there is goin to be vampires on it like me n pauline cause we have to tell someone sooner or later

If you are what you misguidedly believe you are then you would not preach it. Nor would lower yourself to level of the ficticious pop-culture you follow so religiously. Secrecy is key to survival, not exploitation.


well, for one if u were a vampire, u wld not have a fucking computer, and all that twilight and all bullshit is just bullshit!!!! if u think that you are a vampire, fuck off and get a hobie

Why can’t a vampire have a computer? I would think a vampire would want to keep up with the times to blend in.

IF U DONT LIKE ALL THIS TWILIGHT/ VAMPIRE TALK GET THE HECK OFF HERE!!! this is 4 vamp freaks and u obviously this isnt the wedsite 4 u! keep ur negitive comments 2 ur self and get ur own self a hobbie

actually some vampires get so lonely over all the years they’ve ‘lived’ they want nothing else but to tell someone… true fact… ud think some of u would know this if u were really true vampire freaks… and obvious alot of us do ‘know’ paul and ian from vampire diaries… and robert taylor kellan jackson peter chaske kiowa and everyone else that plays in the twilight saga! but in real life? not many peeps… there is no real edward cullen or stefan and damon salvatore… we all wish rite? RITE! but i do know a real vamp… cant say his name… but yea wat ‘pauline’ just said i hav a vary hard time believing…

ambure reed- even what u say is true bout vamps wanting to tell ppl after so long of a lifetime, they still wouldnt risk their breed just for loneliness. if they where wanting to tell someone of their true identity it would be someone they know an can trust. an i find it a bit diffacult to belive u know a REAL vamp

who knows whether vampire lives. i don’t even know. your friend could be a vampire,no doubt. a vampire could be following you, and you won’t even know. my mom says that vampires live in america but i don’t know.
gee it makes me quite scared.
save the chit chat. =p

well ur mom is rite vampire r everywhere im a vampire my frend is a vampire so yeah but not all vampires r bad :)

Well, as I said in another comment, vampires are everywhere! They could be your penpal, the guy in front of you in line at a bookstore, the guy you dance with in dance class (i swear i think i danced with 2 or 3), your neighbor, maybe your cousin even, the person in your camp group, maybe the super hot camp consular that is only at camp at the overnight, the night security guard (well how do they stay up all night?), or maybe even your own best friend!

Hello. Your comment seemed interesting. My name is Agatha. I totally agree with you… a vampire can be everywhere…
Doesn’t matter if you are a believer or not. Vampires do not care about your beliefs… So it does not matter if you deny their existance… they will always be watching.
Anyways… for the “twilight lovers”
Mr. Cullen… does not exist… I’m sorry, but the truth is that vampires… are killers. There is not such thing as “Veg. Vampires” (as some of you were saying). And again… Vampires are not ment to be a “game”, a “joke” or some way of making money.
For the ones who “wish” they were vampires… Please open your eyes… if you know any vampire… (I’m not talking about all of you) it is probably from a book…,these vampires… (or many of them) are not real… which means that “real” vampires are not as these “book” vampires. You don’t want to become a “real” vampire… you probably want to become a “book” vampire… because that’s your concept of vampire. Please… don’t say such thing of becoming a vampire… these things… believe it or not are serious.

“You don’t want to become a “real” vampire… you probably want to become a “book” vampire… “wooh.I like it~

actually agatha is right u dont want to become a real vampire cause its really miserable even ask my frend me n him r vampires but dont be afraid cause not all vampires r bad

I’ve read every vampire book out there: true blood, vampire diaries, night world, twilight and all the others. i’m 13 i’ve never been so obsessed and over my head i’ve been researching for 8mounths how to be a vampire!!! is there an simply way?????
i need help i not only do i want to be beautiful, strong but most of all i want to live for ever i hate the thought of dieing leaving everything i love behind, and its not just that i carn’t think of a world with out my self being alone sleeping forever!!!!!sleeping with out a nice dream. i wouldn’t be so bad if i knew and was 100% sure there was a next place. that i wouldn’t mind. its a scary thought, i have night mares about it, i wake up scearming or crying and my mums worried, is getting less end less. but when have a good vampire and go to sleep thinking there might be hope i sleep like a baby. my school work is suffering and my family is scard for me. i need help and fest.
i’m an out sider i have no friends everyone hates me, i used to be miss popular since i came to high shcool everyone bullies me. so i’ve turned to reading i learned that there nothing a good vampire book carn’t sovle.
i want help!!!!! please!!!

Being a vampire would never solve anything. Everyone eventually dies. Your school work would still suffer. you would probably still have no friends and your face wouldn’t change. You all need to let it go, no vampire in their right mind would change any of you. You guys are the BIGGEST liabilities. And all these vampire books only hold a little bit of truth.

dont worry 1 day you will find someone who will help and love …………..
i think vampires are real but i’ve have never seen vampire ………………
i have been also watchig twilight the best movie i have ever watched………….
you shall keep researching for better anser to your problem…………………

that’z all
thank you
like you i want also to become vampire

I’m sorry but twilight sucked! (No pun intended) The acting was horrible . It was very strained. In the books Bella has more life she’s happy with Edward. That is not how she seemed in either movies. New Moon was only infinitesimally better. THe movie was a disgrace to a good story. I have a question also for all you people who want to be a vampire. Why are you so eager to throw your life away? What if there is something wonderful in the afterlife? You’ll never know. You’ll be stuck in this dreary world that gets worse by the day.

So I guess if you happen to be a Turkish Werewolf Pimp with a thrid nipple who likes to make sweet, sweet love to your sheep BEFORE you eat them, then you’re pretty much screwed??

Coooool!! ;)

The Unlife the bloggish ramblings of a perpetually 25 year old Austinite of the Nocturnal Preferential Persuasion

Hmmm… We’ll never know who Vampires are… For all we know, they could be right here replying to this… Yes, if your a Vampire you must keep it a secrete… I am 16, and I have experienced alot in my days already…

Only the “real vampires” will ever know if they are a Vampire or not… I may, or may not be a Vampire… You’ll never know… Don’t judge me by my words I am typing… Vamprisem is a big difference… We…I.. Have no clue if or if not they exist. But, I do think they exist… And Twilight, does NOT I repete NOT exist! But it’s a good book!


You all should seriously consider everything before trying to become a vampire. You would all watch your loved ones die around you, blood is nearly impossible to find so you would starve to death anyway and when people find out, they don’t react well, such as; try to kill you, inform authorities and drive you out of town. Being a vampire isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

i don’t think so…………… i believed they they are real……………..don’t be silly my friend
your dreamzzz will come true if will believe and truzzzt in it

I’m Kiind Ow Really Obsessed By Vampiires…. I Want tO Be One…
And Yeah Vamps Really Xiist Once yOu’ve Seen One yOu Will Beliieve…

so?you wanna become vampires!
i could do it!
but you dont know what are you getting into.the blood.the keping secret about your existance
living for 100 years??let me tell you’s interesting first 50 years but then you get bored!!!!!im 14 since 1917.yes! i have 93 years,and im still kid its stupid.
and that sotoryes about animal blood is cant survive on animal blood you need my 93 years i killed manny people and im not proud to think well before you do sommething stupid.
there is no turning back!

Hey Nicola, are you really a vampire?? i mean how did u turn into one? what does it feel to become a vampire..? can u plz try nd explain it??

ok…………… are you sure that you a vampire …………………….
how did you become a vampire??????
yeah can you plz explain…………….
coz many are azking me on how to become a vampire……….
a vampire who can go out during daytime and

Hi… kinda new here, but i’ve been looking at what you guys and gals said. i just have a couple of things to say. vampires can be any where. my friend is pale white no one messes with him because it’s a fact that his heart stopped for an hour and it regenerated again. and the wierd part about it he invites me to sit on top of his roof at night sometimes.he’s my best friens and he once bit my… good luck and good night…

Not only that but its pretty unresponible for this site to publish things like one way becoming a Vamp is by having sex with an animal, if you do that, you dont become a Vamp your just Nut’s and Mentally unstable, or Trying to commite suicide, wont happen, this crap is all Made up, there are no such things as Vampires, and if there are, i Guarantee that we wont know all the True secrets in Becomming a real life Vamp, oh ya and sorry but you Goth people who pretend to where fake fangs dont count, get a life and stop Watching so much Twilight and Vampire Diaries, there all rip offs any how.

Oh please, don’t insult our readers.
These ways to be a vampire are from folklore, old legends and books and pamphlets from back in the day. At one point in time people completely believed in these methods. Obviously, nowadays everyone with common sense knows not to believe in them anymore.

Um, first of all, you hypocrite, Goths seem to have a pretty damn good idea of what human seems to be. Second of all, why in the world are you even on this website? If you loathe vampires so much, why in the world are you here? You cannot simply drop in on us while we’re mourning to taunt us. Boy, if I ever find out where you live, you better sleep with one eye open…

-Evangeline (Not my real name…you stalkers)

yeah dont insult readers and goths r cool and besides goths r usually betta than normal people. Being normal is borin!

Hi, all.I was wondering am i connected with vampires?
Because sometimes i can’t control myself when i look at the my friends neck’s vein.
i fell some kind of adrenaline rush,shaking like fever what is that supposed to mean?

srry for bad english

Okay not to be rude but I actually think that you are a fan of vampires and got just a little bit obsessed with vampires. If it’s not that I don’t know what it is sorry.

after i saw all the comments.i become a little afriad about vampire not obsessed.maybe i just like the vampire in TV or book.maybe u too.

seriously some of u guys are kind of idiots.i read vamp books and kinad believe in vamps but u hav to be CRAZY to be on this site trying to find ways to be a vampire!
seroiusly jus get a life….

For the people who want to become vampires.
The life of it is horrible, believe the people who are telling you.
For what I know of myself, I admit.
I am not one.
I wish to have the abilities, but not wish to be one.
If what they say is true.
Then wouldn’t it be horrible to drink people’s blood, imagine, if to get rid of evidence and people might tell and you didn’t have mind control/compulsion then, what would you do?
Kill them of course.

And you’d feel guilt for the rest of your lives.
For all Twilight lovers, if it’s even possible to become a vampire.
Don’t be so sure you get ‘special’ powers.
Because, no one knows.
I have dreams every night and they come true in a way.
They’re not pretty.
Imagine having something like that…
As I must say again.
I am not a vampire.

And for all those who are saying they are.
Vampires would have the right mind not to tell people,
They know the consequences.
You are not vampires.
Think real hard,
Do you want to be a vampire?
If you think you are already.
Think real hard, is it your imagination of too much ‘facts,’ books, movies.

No one will ever know if there are real vampires.
Myself, I believe there is some form of them out there, somewhere.
But anyone who has types of psycic powers or future revealing powers, it doesn’t mean your a vampire.
It means you have a strong gift.
Nothing much more.

Sorry if this offends any strong believers of what they think they are or what they want to be.

But once you turn, (if it’s possible) you may never turn back.
It’s a long life from then on.

Think hard, stop asking for people to turn you.
If it happens, they may just run away.
You won’t have family and you’ll ravage all over town.
Would they be that stupid to give their secrets away???

There’s hardly any chance in life this will happen to you people.
I am a writer of vampire books and much research is needed.
Worst of all, I find alot of bullshit everywhere.
It’s not right for people to write this all.

I need you people to understand what I’m saying.
You CAN fantasize but don’t ask.
It’s a big world and it needs a big understanding.
But those who want this need to think harder for themselves.

Thank you for reading this.
I just wanted to put this information out there.
I want everyone to be safe,
Even if you think ‘Don’t tell me what to do bitch.’
Well, I’m saying what’s best for you.

The media is changing peoples minds.
Please help others make the right descision.
But first, make yours.

Every one here has a very good point but guys…you cant tell people that they arnt something they believe just because you dont believe it. Its like telling a child the tooth fairy doesnt exist when they firmly believe it does. its just not Right.
And please dont believe anything people say because i have a red birth mark just above my left eye, and I like the tast of blood that doesnt mean im a vampire, Ive also eaten meat not properly slaughterd, raw. Im still not a vampire. But you guys cant tell some1 that they arnt what they beleive they are.

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You can be anything that you
choose if you apply yourself and
try hard to work towards that goal.
But being a vampire is not what it
seems like. It’s a life full of good,
and amazing things. We are as
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you are that counts, but how you
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I love vampires and I want to be a vampire so any one of u help me. … reply me. … I will be a healthy one I made sick. … plxxx

Hey,Guys!I’m the really crazy fan of vampires. Me already wished to send in a mental hospital, thought that going crazy,but they didn’t!
At the moment i won’t to be a vampire,but i want to meet one to ask about this life,bcz in every web site there’s write something difference,& now i don’t believe anyone!All around me think i’m crazy they tell me that i am a freak who want meet a vampire,they say that they dangerous,but i don’t thing so bcz,look at Edward from “Twilight”,Stefan from “The vampire diaries”,well ok there are goods & bads vampires!But they different like us humains,so i wanna meet a vampire!

this is a curs (from 1813) that when a murder is hapening the victim’s family cry over the victim and thos tears thilo the curs…………
this is the curs:
“But you, false infidel!
More suffering over
Under scythe Lucifer’s avenger

Torturing yourself escape

To round the devil’s lost his throne to wander;

Fire thirsty, she does not know Roweon

Around, dwells in your heart;

Ear not hear no tongue tell,

The torments your soul to another plane!

But first, I called a vampire earth,

Your body from the grave tear:

So horror chase the place Mushabach,

Suck the blood of your race;

Your daughter, your sister, your wife, these women

Midnight drains the very life;

But dislike the banquet that without – choice

Agoweitach must enter the furious animal;

Courvenutich tremble before death

They knew that God is their master,

Abkellm you, you are cursing them”……

That means that if you kill someone then you torn into vampires and kill your family!!!

So I suggest that you dont try to become vampires..Trust me…

And by the way a vampire can be in the sun….

I have been a witch most of my life, and have been trying to find a secret to immortality my whole life. So far, I’m only able to prolong my life to about 2,159 years, but I have given up on trying to do it myself, so I want to do it the easy way. Make me a vampire.

most of you want to be a vampire you will do everything but you can do it better not maybe you want it dat much dat you
will murder your self

"Okay look people i LOVE vampire books! kinda wish they were real, kinda don't! but let me tell you i will believe in them when i see a vampire………………:) any takers?:)"

He right thow the hole vampire legend was based off of cannibals nothing More nothing less and what makes you think he was being disrespectful by the by don’t try to be British

[…] Various Actions There is a belief by some that certain random acts committed by a person will transform them into a vampire. These acts include eating the flesh of an animal which was accidentally killed and not properly slaughtered, eating a sheep (or other animals) killed by a wolf, leading an immoral life (prostitutes, thieves, murderers…etc.), saying a mass while in a state of sin, and stealing the ropes used to bury a corpse. […]


I’m Noel Dernersessian from the United States, i was been transformed to a Vampire through the help of a vampire spell member who lives in Florida, it was just as Easy as possible, at first i was thinking it going to take a while for my ( D.N.A.) to respond to the spell, all i did was just to follow the procedure that i was been told, and i bet you that procedure I took change my entire life to something i ever desire, freedom, sickness free, pains free, fame, influence, connections and even more that i can. Thanks to my dear friend Mr. Enrique who directed me to Mystic vampire home.

if you wish to be like me contact the vampire at [email protected]

Mr. Dernersessian

i’d like to believe that i’m a vampire. i have no solid proof and i will never go around spreading false rumors about myself, but i always have this feeling of addiction when looking at blood or thinking about it. i’m faster and more energetic during night and i see well in the dark. i love the taste of blood and have symmetrical sharp teeth. i don’t feel anything while being in the sun though, although that may just be a rumor that vampires get harmed by sunlight. again, i have no solid proof still, even though my traits are pretty promising, i still don’t consider myself among them… yet.

i have the hindu priest email, it happens i was bitten and got a blood transfussion vampires Exist and its only those foolish ones who are afraid that will say vampires dont exist, [email protected] thats my email you can email me and i will direct you on ways to become a vampire, and also you can call +233231791514, i do also have the hindu priest contact and you can find out the email from me if interested in all these.

i have the hindu priest email, it happens i was bitten and got a blood transfussion vampires Exist and its only those foolish ones who are afraid that will say vampires dont exist, [email protected] thats my email you can email me and i will direct you on ways to become a vampire, and also you can call +233231791514, i do also have the hindu priest contact and you can find out the email from me the hindu priest email is [email protected], there is never a game play on these, real and legit, if interested in all these then take a deep of faith on it and have things go for better.

Santos oliver by name.

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