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The Many Ways To Be A Vampire

I bet many of you are wondering how someone is turned into a vampire. We all know the most popular way involving lots of blood sucking (they suck, you suck). But if you take a look at folklore, old customs and traditions throughout the world you’ll learn that there are many ways someone was believed to turn into a vampire. Some of these are pretty ridiculous, but hey, people believed anything back in the day.

Before Birth or Shortly After Birth

  • Born at certain times of the year (like a new moon or a holy day).
  • Born with red caul, with teeth, or with an extra nipple.
  • Born with a red birthmark, born with extra hair, born with two hearts.
  • Conceived on a holy day (sex during the holidays is a no no).
  • Weaned too early.
  • Still being breast fed after weaning.
  • Death without baptism (this goes for adults too).
  • Born the seventh son of a seventh son.
  • A vampire stared at the mother while she was pregnant.
  • Had a curse cast on them.
  • Mother did not eat enough salt during pregnancy.
  • Stillborn babies.

Things Done During Life That Results In Vampirism

  • Committing Suicide.
  • Eating the flesh of an animal that was accidentally killed, not properly slaughtered.
  • Being a Turk.
  • Being a witch or sorcerer.
  • Eating sheep that was killed by a wolf.
  • Leading an immoral life (prostitutes, thieves, murderers…etc.)
  • Saying a mass while in a state of sin.
  • Being a werewolf.
  • Having sex with an animal.
  • Having a vampire bite three times.
  • Stealing the ropes used to bury a corpse.

Death or After-Death Causes

  • Being killed by a vampire.
  • Wind from the Russian Steppe blowing on the corpse
  • Having a shadow fall on the corpse.
  • Death by violence or murder.
  • Having a cat or other animal jump over the corpse.
  • No burial or improper burial.
  • Murder that is unrevenged.
  • Having a candle pass over the corpse.
  • Having one’s brother sleepwalk.
  • Death by drowning.
  • Death by plague.
  • Being buried face up (this is from some parts of Romania).
  • Dying during childbirth.

– Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).

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Moonlight • November 21, 2009

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