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The Many Ways To Be A Vampire

I bet many of you are wondering how someone is turned into a vampire. We all know the most popular way involving lots of blood sucking (they suck, you suck). But if you take a look at folklore, old customs and traditions throughout the world you’ll learn that there are many ways someone was believed to turn into a vampire. Some of these are pretty ridiculous, but hey, people believed anything back in the day.

Before Birth or Shortly After Birth

  • Born at certain times of the year (like a new moon or a holy day).
  • Born with red caul, with teeth, or with an extra nipple.
  • Born with a red birthmark, born with extra hair, born with two hearts.
  • Conceived on a holy day (sex during the holidays is a no no).
  • Weaned too early.
  • Still being breast fed after weaning.
  • Death without baptism (this goes for adults too).
  • Born the seventh son of a seventh son.
  • A vampire stared at the mother while she was pregnant.
  • Had a curse cast on them.
  • Mother did not eat enough salt during pregnancy.
  • Stillborn babies.

Things Done During Life That Results In Vampirism

  • Committing Suicide.
  • Eating the flesh of an animal that was accidentally killed, not properly slaughtered.
  • Being a Turk.
  • Being a witch or sorcerer.
  • Eating sheep that was killed by a wolf.
  • Leading an immoral life (prostitutes, thieves, murderers…etc.)
  • Saying a mass while in a state of sin.
  • Being a werewolf.
  • Having sex with an animal.
  • Having a vampire bite three times.
  • Stealing the ropes used to bury a corpse.

Death or After-Death Causes

  • Being killed by a vampire.
  • Wind from the Russian Steppe blowing on the corpse
  • Having a shadow fall on the corpse.
  • Death by violence or murder.
  • Having a cat or other animal jump over the corpse.
  • No burial or improper burial.
  • Murder that is unrevenged.
  • Having a candle pass over the corpse.
  • Having one’s brother sleepwalk.
  • Death by drowning.
  • Death by plague.
  • Being buried face up (this is from some parts of Romania).
  • Dying during childbirth.

– Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).

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Moonlight • November 21, 2009

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  • Ms. Scarypizza

    Seriously… Beastiality? I do believe in vampires, but most of these conditions to become one are a load of bullshit in my opinion… eating raw meat that wasn’t properly killed? Sounds like something that is revolved around werewolves if you ask me… I’m not trying to say this isn’t true, but really? Are you serious? :| Most likely saying most of these methods don’t work anymore…

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  • Terry Washington

    Given that I myself was born at a New Moon- why am I NOT a vampire???(I hasten to point out that I have NO serious desire to become a vampire anyway). In esp Orthodox countries such as Greece, Serbia or Russia I once heard(or read) that being conceived around April or March(ie during the Easter season) and being born(nine months later) in Janaury about the time of the Orthodox Christmas means that the child will be cursed in some way! Whether this is simply “peasant superstition” or not I do not know but it;s worth looking into!

  • 666lucas

    it’s not easy to live with the curse…
    and there’s no cure…
    only hell waiting for us….
    u didn’t even know what u wish to become…
    we just the curse from the past, hiding “inside” this world

  • Gavin

    I don’t wish anyone this curse on anyone. I am a real vampire I was turned in 1998. I was born on November 18, 1988. I should be 28 but since being turned I haven’t aged a day. One night being out with friends for a party but it ended early and we went to a club. It was 18+ night, so me and my friends decided to go. After being at the club for a while I notice this really outgoing girl that I couldn’t get my eyes off of, she was so full of energy and moving a bit different than I’ve ever seen. I saw her go to the back of the club and followed her to ask her if she wanted to dance. We started to dance for a while when I noticed she was really cold and it’s 98 degrees. I asked her if she wanted my jacket and she said yes. So we kicked it off for about 4 months. One day I cut myself in front of her and she could look at me, and I saw her teeth change. I asked about what happened for weeks and she didn’t tell me till one night. I didn’t believe it but it made since because she never had her period and never showed signs of eating regular food too often but she did. One day I was driving home with her and we almost died. He was a drunk driver and I thought my girlfriend was dead but she wasn’t. Doctors said I wouldn’t walk but she said she would turn me. So that year in June 5 she turned me. Sadly she got killed by a vampire hunter 6 months ago. I do not wish this curse on nobody, myself after being turned I cannot die from normal ways other vampires die I’ve tried everything. She on the other hand had different abilities like immediate knowledge. Do not turn yourself any real vampire will tell you not to. Not even the sun will kill me and no witch I know has a spell strong enough to free my of this curse. My ability to nit be killed is unlike any of the vampires, Witches, or lycans have seen. Do not turn it’s not like anything you may have read or watched.

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