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The Mummy 4 Would Have Been the Aztec Mummy?!

I won’t get carried away. The Mummy that Brendan Frazier would have been fighting in the proposed THE MUMMY 4, which never got made, might not have been Popoca, the star of the wonderfully cheddery Aztec Mummy trilogy of films from late 1950s, THE AZTEC MUMMY, THE CURSE OF THE AZTEC MUMMY, and THE ROBOT VS. THE AZTEC MUMMY. Oh, but the thought of Antonia Banderas portraying a scenery-chewing Popoca! It would have been glorious!

As much as I love me some Sofia Boutella, why, oh why, couldn’t they have made this movie instead of the remake starring Boutella and Tom Cruise?

It’s not too late, Universal! Make a separate Mummy movie apart from the proposed revamping of the Dark Universe, one set in the continuity of the Brendan Frasier MUMMY flicks. You could even bring back Sofia Boutella as Popoca’s sister! She’s of Algerian descent, but she could pass for a Latina as easily as Egyptian. Just don’t bring back Tom Cruise. Or DO bring back Tom Cruise, but have his character get killed by Popoca during the first five minutes. I guarantee you people would pay to see that.

Actually, you can forget Brendan Frazier and Antonio Banderas, and even Sofia Boutella and Tom Cruise, Just make an AZTEC MUMMY remake with a cast of unknowns. I’d be fine with that. Or better yet, not a remake but a CONTINUATION! Popoca wouldn’t have aged any since the 1950s, that you could tell by looking!

TheCheezman • October 20, 2019

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