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The Mystery of Blood Falls

That’s Blood Falls in Antarctica, a real geographic location and case of strange phenomenon rolled into one. Scientists this week announced that they had solved the mystery of why blood comes flowing out of the pristine white ice. It seems that, millennia ago, in the years before the oceans drank Atlantis, as Robert E. Howard so masterfully phrased it, there was this terrible vampire lord. He preyed on the Atlanteans until they finally managed to capture him and drive a stake through his heart. They feared he might return someday to seek revenge, so they carted him off to the most remote place on the planet, the South Pole, where they buried him under tons of ice. To this day, the blood continues to seep from his pierced chest cavity, and this is the source of the Blood Falls.

An alternate theory proposed by some of the less imaginative within the scientific community is that there is a reservoir of salty water trapped within the ice for over a million years, and that this reservoir has been tapped and is leaking, ever so slowly, from the ice. Yeah, okay, but why is it RED, know-it-alls? Because the water is heavy with iron, you say, and turns red when it comes into contact with oxygen? You mean it’s iron-rich, just like BLOOD? And how does this water remain in its liquid form? Because it’s warm…like BLOOD?

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TheCheezman • May 9, 2017

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