‘The Originals’ Casting Call For Halloween Partiers On Aug. 13

“The Originals” needs extras for a Halloween party scene filming in Conyers on Aug. 13. Think festive, elaborate, sexy and fun. Not scary. And not trademarked. So, no Superman, Bat-Man or Elmo or anything. 

It’s time for you to be an extra on ‘The Originals’ with this upcoming shoot, Aug 13th to be exact. The shoot begins midday, and will run late into the night. You must be over 18 to apply. Submit your photos, contact information, and a description of your costume to [email protected] with “Halloween” in the subject line. (Send photos of you with and without your costume on.) They also need your dimensions and sizes.  The pay is $60 for 8 with O.T. after that AND there is a $20 add’l bump for complete costumes and/or make-up. Good luck and remember if you make it on set come back and tell us about it.

source: www.accessatlanta.com

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