The Originals Dish and Joseph Morgan’s Werewolf Sex PSA

Joseph Morgan is best known as the actor who plays Klaus on The Vampire Diaries, and now The Originals, but it turns out that he is also a safe werewolf sex activist.

As you remember in TVD, hybrid Klaus hooked up with werewolf Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), and BAM! we learned that she was pregnant in the backdoor pilot. Now Morgan wants to make sure that all the young supernatural beasties learned from Klaus and Hayley’s one night of pleasure.

“Pay attention, guys. This is serious,” Morgan sternly warns during Comic-Con interview. “If you meet a girl, and it’s innocent, you’re having fun, you’re drinking some whiskey, you’re showing her your paintings and one thing leads to another and you do end up having a one night stand, then try and make sure that she doesn’t turn into a bloodthirsty ravenous beast every full moon because it’s just going to get complicated. Be safe.”

Haha! The PSA wasn’t all Morgan had to say, he is also super excited for fans to see Klaus, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) in New Orleans.

“I’ve read the first two scripts and I am just so excited. They both feature elements of flashback. They’re both really on a larger scale,” he dishes. “This is a war we’re building toward. The first episode takes place on the same timeline as the pilot, only this time we’re seeing Elijah’s point of view, so we’re seeing all the little bits we didn’t see when the pilot aired. So it’s really very exciting for me. And it has a heart-stopping ending.”

But we won’t only be seeing flashbacks of Klaus, but of Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) as well! We will be getting some big  backstory from him too. “You’ll see his history. You can hate him at first, but maybe, hopefully he’ll grow on you and you’ll like him,” Davis shares. “I hope you’ll at least understand where he’s coming from. You’re going to find out very, very quickly that he has a heart. And I think, like all people, he just doesn’t want to be misunderstood. Open up your hearts, people!”

Woo! Who is excited about The Originals?

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

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  1. I wish I could see klaus in person !
    I had my eyes on him since the beginning. :). Oh dear lord. So many thoughts!!

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