‘The Originals’ Spoilers: What’s Coming To N’Orleans

After this week’s episode of The Originals aired, Julie Plec answered many questions about what’s ahead for the foreseeable future of the show.

Spoiler Alert: Julie Plec discusses possible plots for our favorite N’orleans cast. 1. Rebekah finds crazy in a way she never has before, thanks to a few witches. Klaus, as we learned after Elena killed the vampire hunter, has been stark raving looney before his witch "friends" encourage his imagination, so I suspect this time won’t be as destructive on him as was the first. 2. Monique chooses whether she’s bad, whether she’s good, or somewhere in between… although we have no date on the decision, so it could be anytime in the future. 3. Cami’s humanity question will be answered on the show… I guess we will have to tune in and check it all out!

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