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THE PASSAGE takes place in the Godzilla Universe!

As much as I love vampires in general, and the vampires in THE PASSAGE specifically, I have to say, if Godzilla shows up, they’re as likely to get stepped on as the puny humans. Unless you are Godzilla-sized, your best bet when you see Godzilla coming is to get out of his way. (Actually that applies even if you *are* Godzilla-sized.)

Why this talk of Godzilla in relation to THE PASSAGE? I’ll tell you why! I have made a discovery. And, as I have not seen mention of it anywhere else on the ol’ Internet, I’m gonna stake my claim as being the first to spot it! The events of THE PASSAGE take place in the same universe as do the GODZILLA movies from Legendary, as well as KONG: SKULL ISLAND! How can I know this? During the most recent episode, “How You Gonna Outrun The End of The World?”, during the scene where Amy and Wolgast were in the freezer at the Project NOAH facility and Wolgast was taking out that pair of workers, there was a barrel in the background, a white barrel, looked to be made of plastic, a large plastic drum, but could have been painted steel, and on the side of that barrel/drum was, clearly evident, the symbol for the government agency MONARCH from the Godzilla movies! Don’t believe me? Go back and watch it. See it for yourself. It’s there! (That’s the MONARCH symbol pictured above for your convenience.)

The only conclusion we can make from this is that Project NOAH is a sidearm of MONARCH, and the events happening in the THE PASSAGE universe are in fact taking place in the Legendary MonsterVerse!

Either that, or one of the set-dressers was having a little fun and wanted to provide an homage to the Godzilla films.

Personally, I’m hoping to see Godzilla show up during the season finale!

TheCheezman • February 13, 2019

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