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First of all, which is the better show? With the more well-rounded characters? The better acting? The more gripping storylines? Damned if I could say. We had four seasons of THE STRAIN and we’ve only had half a season of THE PASSAGE so it’s probably not even fair to compare them, but in terms of my esteem they’re neck and neck. (Heh.) But what we all really want to talk about is, which show has the coolest vampires, amiright? Who’d win in a fight, a vampire from THE PASSAGE or one of the Strigoi from THE STRAIN?

We need qualifiers. Are we talking about your average street-walking Strigoi? If so, I’d have to give the edge to any of the vamps from THE PASSAGE. The latter possess the ability to control minds, whereas the Strigoi don’t even have minds. Would Fanning or any of his ilk be able to override the primal instincts of a Strigoi, or override the Master’s mental control of them? At the least they should be able to confuse a Strigoi, leading to it standing still long enough for it to get shredded in a fight.

Ah, but what about the Master? No way they’d be able to control him. Who’d win in a fight, Fanning or the Master? While we haven’t yet seen what Fanning can do, physically, we do know how formidable the Master is at full power. I’d give him the edge. And what about Quinlan? None of Fanning’s vampires would likely be able to telepathically control him, and in a brawl he’s gonna mop the floor with them. But what about if the Master went up against Amy? Is Amy a mini vampire slayer in the making?

TheCheezman • February 27, 2019

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