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The Quest for Vampire Wine

I have written before about Vampire Wine, the “Blood of the Vine,” bottled by Vampire Vineyards in California (formerly of Transylvania) and of my desire to own a bottle or three. You may remember the two problems that prevented this. Problem number one: I live in Alabama. Alabama is a long, long way from California. You can’t just jump in the car for a quick drive to go pick some up. Problem number two: I live in Alabama. You can’t get wine through the mail in Alabama. They won’t ship it here. For these twain reasons, I was left *not* holding the bottle on this one.

Then, on the eve of Christmas Eve, a friend reported to me that she had seen a bottle of Vampire Wine on the shelf at a nearby Publix. Nearby for her but not for me. No matter. Unlike California, this particular Publix *was* within driving distance, even if the trip was not to be a short one. I hit the highway. Would I get there in time? Would they still have that bottle of Vampire Wine available for purchase? I might have put the pedal down just a tad to get there as quickly as possible. (PSA: Please don’t exceed speed limits. And always wear your seatbelt.) Did I do it? Did I get the wine?


TheCheezman • December 30, 2018

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