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The Real Holy Grail?

I hate to be a wet blanket, but there probably never was a Holy Grail. While the Bible tells us the story of the Last Supper Jesus shared with His disciples, and that they drank wine together, it makes no mention of the cup being preserved. It is highly unlikely that it would have been. During the course of His life, Jesus would have drunk from many cups. It is unlikely that any special significance would have been placed on the cup at the Last Supper, as no special value was placed on any of the cups from which Christ drank, or the plates from which He ate, or the utensils he used to do the eating (if He even used utensils). Likewise, there is no mention in the Scriptures of any vessel being used to collect His blood at the Crucifixion. All those stories came about later. Alternately, the “Da Vinci Code” theory that the Grail was not a cup but was instead the bloodline of Jesus, that He had married and had children, is intriguing, but there is even less evidence to support it than there is to support the Grail being an actual cup.

Something that IS mentioned in the Bible, however, is that Mary Magdalene, either alone or in the company of other women (it depends on which of the four Gospels you’re reading) went to the tomb where Jesus had been interred to anoint His body with spices, as was customary at the time. There is a small alabaster cup on display at Hawkstone Manor in Shropshire, England, that is reputed to be the vessel in which Mary Magdalene carried these spices. Unlike with all the other grails out there, this one might just be authentic. Reputedly, the Shropshire Grail has been authenticated as being from the first century and also coming from the Middle East. Could this be the actual Holy Grail–or at least the basis for the legend?

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TheCheezman • December 1, 2017

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