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The Real-Life Romanian Ghosts on the set of THE NUN

I remember watching a documentary about the filming of THE EXORCIST a few years back. Father William O’Malley, who appeared in the film as Father Dyer, was asked to perform a real-life blessing on the set after several members of the cast and crew suffered bad luck. For his part, Father Dyer didn’t attribute any of these misfortunes to supernatural involvement, but it’s understandable why they would have wanted such a ceremony, given the film’s subject matter. Likewise, Corin Hardy, director of THE NUN, the most successful installment of the THE CONJURING franchise to date (read our review here), had his set blessed. But did it work? Depends on how you look at it. Were the real ghosts and paranormal activity reported on the set of a nefarious nature? It doesn’t appear so. Hardy, when he encountered a pair of spirits, the ghosts of Romanian soldiers, believed them to be merely “curious.”

Hardy’s encounter took place at the fortress of Mogoșoaia, but much of the filming of THE NUN took place at Castle Corvin, the residence of Hungarian king John Hunyadi and the site where Vlad Dracula was held prisoner, but all Hardy experienced at Corvin was a mysterious handprint left in the dust.

TheCheezman • September 23, 2018

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