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The Real Nosferatu

Most of us have heard of Nosferatu before thanks to the widely known 1922 movie featuring the creepy Count Orlok. But what isn’t widely known is that there is a real vampire that goes by that name, Nosferatu isn’t a name created by movie folk, oh no, the name comes from vampire myth and legend. Vampire lore time!

The nosferatu, also known as nosferat, in one dirty lustful Romanian species of vampire that has long been associated with the sex lovin’ incubus and succubus. This vamp is believed to be the illegitimate child of an illegitimate child – keeping true with the old vampire creation myths having to do with morals. Shortly after burial this filthy leech wakes up, leaves its grave and goes on its destructive way. This vampire, like most, loves to drink blood, but that’s not all it loves. Oh no, the nosferatu also loves to engage in some wild orgies with the living. Wooo? The male nosferatu can get human women pregnant. Lame. The child the results out of this is born covered in hair and destined to either become a witch or a live vampire (the moroii).

When this naughty vamp isn’t busy sexin’ up the ladies it is busy making married women barren and married men impotent for it absolutely hates married couples. Now if you are a happily married couple and need to destroy a nosferatu the best way to do so is to either fire a shot into its grave or impale it on a stake. Simple enough.

So now you know where the name originally came from. If you were wondering why they used the name at all it’s because they couldn’t get the rights to use “Dracula” as their title (or character name, hence Count Orlok) so they went with another vampire name, nosferatu.

– Moonlight

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Moonlight • October 13, 2009

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