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The Remakes of HELLRAISER and SALEM’S LOT are Underway

HELLRAISER is going to be the more tricky of the two. At this point, after so many direct-to-video sequels of varying degrees of quality, either a reboot is necessary or the franchise should just end. Obviously I and the vast majority of other Horror marks want to see the former happen, but it will have to be done right. A misfire at this juncture would be devastating to the continuation of the series. David Bruckner, director of the critically acclaimed NIGHT HOUSE and THE RITUAL, has been given the reins. Luke Piotrowski and Ben Collins, who wrote SIREN, will handle the screenplay along with David S. Goyer, whose name should be instantly recognizable to fans of genre films. Let’s hope they’re up to the challenge.

The upcoming remake of SALEM’S LOT has the Stephen King novel to anchor it. Also it hasn’t been hashed and rehashed nearly as much as HELLRAISER. There’s the groovy miniseries from the 70s for it to be measured against, yes, but a major motion picture based on King’s writings and previously adapted as a TV miniseries, that’s been done before—a little two-part movie entitled IT—with mucho success. Dauberman, who wrote ANNABELLE: CREATION, ANNABELLE COMES HOME, and THE NUN as well as the just-mentioned IT, will write the new SALEM’S LOT and will also be sitting in the director’s chair. James Wan will produce. The pedigree for greatness is there.

TheCheezman • April 20, 2020

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