The Salvatore Mansion Has Been Demolished

“The universe couldn’t have waited a little longer following the announcement of Nina Dobrev’s upcoming departure from The Vampire Diaries to tear down the house that served as the Salvatore Mansion?”

Apparently not. Y’all know how when, on the show, the camera is zoomed out far enough that you can see the actual house, like, in the trees and such? Yeah, that was an actual house. The inside of the house and all the rooms that you most commonly see on the show are sets, –even the woods, like, all the woods scenes, are indoor sets. Well, maybe -some- of them are taken from an outdoor environment, but most of the time on the show, the woods and all the cemetery shots look the same, because they’re all shot on the same indoor set.

Unfortunately, the actual house that those rooms are based on, and the original house that was shot, –has been demolished. Despite petitioning and protests, made by fans and the local historic preservation society, the house known as Glenridge Hall, has been demolished. The owners says the cost of bringing the mansion to code was too high, so it was demolished to make room for the new Mercedes-Benz USA headquarters. Nice, right? The owners are selling the property to Ashton Woods. Depressing? You bet. A historical mansion… demolished, the property sold so that more douchebags can buy more expensive cars.

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