The Sexy Men of True Blood Revealed

Coming tomorrow (July 14) is the big, bad and ridiculously sexy issue of TV Guide Magazine featuring hot photos and a hilarious interview with True Blood’s leading men – Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgård and Joe Manganiello. TV Guide gave Truebies a little teaser of the goodies revealed in the issues and I admit, I can’t wait to pick of this copy! From what I’ve seen in the preview, this has got to be one of the best True Blood cast interviews I have read – those three guys are hysterical.

Check out part of the interview found in the huge double-issue available July 14:

TV GUIDE MAGAZINE: So fans are finally going to see them [Eric and Sookie] together! Has it been awkward for you, Stephen, since Anna’s your wife?

STEPHEN: It could have been really difficult, but it’s about being professional. And we all really like each other. It’s tougher for Anna because she’s having to show emotion with somebody else, and it’s been the same people on our crew since she and I got together when the show first started.

ALEX: If it was awkward for us, that would spread to the crew. They see us being so relaxed with each other and it’s so obvious when the camera is rolling and when it’s not, you know? And Anna’s great. She’s a very generous actress, very professional. In fact, we shot a scene the other night and it was one of those where…

STEPHEN: It will get people talking!

TV GUIDE MAGAZINE: What is Anna like when the cameras aren’t rolling?

STEPHEN: She’s merciless in her ridicule of everybody, and she expects the same back.

JOE: I spent half of last season dressed in what she refers to as “Giant Joe’s Giant Jumpsuit.” So Anna and Rutina [Wesley, who plays Tara] came up with a dance routine and a song that they would perform every time I wore the Giant Jumpsuit.

ALEX: [Singing] Joe and his giant jumpsuit…

TV GUIDE MAGAZINE: Joe, when you came in on the third season, was there an initiation?

JOE: The new guy on a show can feel like an outsider. There can be egos and things like that. But Anna was completely friendly, welcoming. Still, the guys won’t let me make eye contact.

STEPHEN: I make him get on his knees so we’re eye-to-eye.

JOE: But I guess the initiation would be wearing the “sock” [a wardrobe item that protects an actor’s modesty in a nude scene].

ALEX: I put it on him. [Laughs] Someone had to show him, you know?

TV GUIDE MAGAZINE: That sounds romantic.

JOE: Alex and I did this Valentine’s Day shoot. There’s an animal involved.

ALEX: And a big body of water.

JOE: Water, an animal, lots of nudity and lots of screaming.

TV GUIDE MAGAZINE: Should fans expect the show to delve into new sexual territory this season?

JOE: We do some werewolf sex this year for the first time.

STEPHEN: It’s quite interesting. There are different ways of… Um, yeah, I’m going to stop now.

TV GUIDE MAGAZINE: You guys have to be naked a lot. Who works out the most?

STEPHEN: Joe’s insane.

JOE: Yeah. I work out twice a day, six days a week. I eat constantly.

STEPHEN: I do three days a week. I just don’t want to watch this show 20 years from now and look at myself and say, “Who is that white blob?”

ALEX: I do three days a week, too. But with Joe, it’s all about the pecs. He can make them dance.

JOE: Alex hasn’t looked me in the eye once. I’m like, “Up here, Alex. Up here

Ahahaha! Oh, silly boys. Man, I wish I could hear Anna and Rutina sing that jumpsuit song. And yeah, the image of Alex putting the sock on Joe…mmm.

For more on the men of True Blood pick up a copy of TV Guide Magazine Thursday, July 14.

What do you guys think of the interview? It definitely makes me crush harder on those three.

– Moonlight

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